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Eyes of an Immortal (Chapter Twenty-One)

Updated on November 30, 2015
Graphics by: Lori Stanford
Graphics by: Lori Stanford | Source

Family First

Kinessa’s patience was growing thin. Once they were in the study she wasted no time taking out her frustrations on the old fart standing in front of her. “Who are you? Why are you here? What do you want?” Before she could the rest out the old man closed two fingers in front of her face and her voice went silent. Once she was quiet he pointed his index finger down and Kinessa’s body went limp and she fell back into the large chair that just so happened to be sitting behind her. Kinessa’s eyes changed quickly to a glowing violet as she growled. William laughed out loud “Kinessa calm down before you change into a wolf too” She glared at William “Oh! By the way, I like my women feisty.” William snickered and reached over and took her hand hoping she didn’t set him ablaze in the process. “Are you two quite finished?” William nodded and the old man released Kinessa’s voice back to her. “Now to answer your questions young lady. My name is Luther and I am your grandfather. Kae is my daughter and your mother. I have been searching for her since you were born. We believe your father has her locked away somewhere but all our locator spells have failed. Even the best of spells have been unable to break through his. This is why I have been trying to find you. You are the key to finding her.” The room fell silent as Kinessa tried to process the fact that the man standing in front of her was actually her grandfather and there was a chance that her birth mother could really be alive and not just a figment of her imagination. “How do I know this is the truth? How do I know this isn’t just some kind of trap to kill me?” Luther shook his head and giggled. “Yes, just as pigheaded as your mother. Kinessa if I wanted you dead I could have just snapped my fingers and that would be the end of it. But just as soon as I were to try something as stupid as that, dear William would surely rip my throat out. Therefore there is no win, win for either of us. Wouldn’t agree?” William stepped forward and took Kinessa by the hand. “Kinessa, if he meant you any harm he would not be in this house much less walking around. I promise you he is here to help you.”

Thunder rumbled throughout the house. William felt the vibrations of more than just the oncoming storm. “Someone is coming. Actually more than just someone.” He looked at Kinessa with worry in his eyes. “It’s Cameron.” Kinessa knew exactly what William’s fears were as soon as his brother’s name slipped out of his mouth. “You have nothing to worry about.” And the knock came upon the door hard and loud with shouts from Cameron’s voice. “William! Open this door NOW!” William stepped up to the door and calmly replied. “I will not open this door if you cannot act like a civilized person. Do you understand?” Cameron ground his teeth together. “Yes, I understand.”

The door opened and Cameron and Rilynn entered the old house. “Welcome Children.” Luther spoke from the shadows of the hallway. “Please, join us in the study, there is much to discuss.” Cameron and Rilynn were leery of the old man and William, it was too easy to trap them inside. Luther was way ahead of their worries though. “There is nothing to worry about Cameron. The only trap set is for Allen Suntree not for you or the young lady looking for her parents. I presume you are Rilynn. Correct?” Rilynn wasted no time to follow Luther into the hallway, with that Cameron was right on her heels. “Where is Kinessa Suntree?” Luther waited until he entered the study to speak. “Young Cameron my granddaughter is here with me and William safe and sound.” Confusion slapped Cameron as he looked at Kinessa. Her heart raced hoping that there would be no pissing contest over who she would be better off with. William could hear her heart pounding and the tension growing inside her, he took her hand to help calm her, whatever that meant because he was still learning what it meant to be in love with someone other than himself. “Kinessa, are you okay?” She looked to William and smiled. “I’m good as long as you’re with me.” Rilynn watched Cameron’s reaction to their affection toward each other as she eased up to his side “I guess the old woman was telling the truth, they are soul mates.” He couldn’t help but giggle at the thought but she was right. “Yea, I guess she was. That means I know exactly who mine is.” Rilynn looked at him kind of crazy. “Oh, How? Who?” Cameron just shook his head with a smile, he wasn’t making that mistake twice. The festival was only a couple days off. “You will just have to wait and see. She is pretty special. I think you will like her.”

Now that everyone was comfortable with it was safe Luther had them all sit down. “Now let’s get started. As you have learned Kinessa is my granddaughter. Her mother Kae is my daughter and has been missing since Kinessa’s birth. Allen has hidden her away and I do believe he has done the same with Rilynn’s parents. Problem is the only strong connection we have to finding them is Kinessa.” Rilynn wasn’t sure why this was a problem, however Cameron and William did. “Kinessa isn’t strong enough for such a search.” Cameron demanded. Luther disagreed though. “She is strong enough, she isn’t educated enough on how to harness her powers. She’s too emotional. She needs to learn how to let go of what isn’t needed and use what makes her strongest.” Kinessa listened intensely. Her grandfather was right, she had been an emotional roller coaster since she got here. “What will help me and what should I let go?” Luther looked up from his books and to her. Kinessa’s eyes were blue and she was calm. “You must let go of all the hurt and pain. While they are strong emotions they are too chaotic. Chaos will only suffice when you have nothing left. Our powers run off our emotions, that’s why our eyes change colors and our body react the way they do. Joy, happiness, and love most of all are the strongest emotions that we can produce.” Kinessa pictured all the happiness that she had ever experienced; birthdays, vacations, and holidays; however they quickly turned sad and full of rage when she remembered it was all a lie and that her own father was the enemy. The house rocked as she tried to gain control. William spoke to her softly find your true happiness. She thought about her arrival to Ireland and her poor teacher Ms. Poppy. She had no idea if she was part of the plot or just another tool. She also pictured her time with Cameron. That too was a painful memory. The house shook a little harder with that memory and Cameron could feel it. She continued to search her memories and finally came to her memories of the recent days with William. She smiled at the things he had showed her and his beautiful smile. His memories had become hers as well from his childhood to learning of what their future might become. Kinessa’s heart began to soar and she began to glow with peace and happiness as she took William’s hands and showed him everything she was experiencing. Luther watch in amazement and worry. He knew this battle could end badly especially when it came to facing her own father. Allen Suntree had become greedy and hungry for power that was never meant for one man to control.

The wind began to howl louder and lightning and thunder cracked all around. It was too close for comfort for William as it reminded him of his time spent in the dungeons being punished for disobeying and the sound of the whips cracking across his back. Kinessa could sense his tension. “We need to get out of here. This isn’t a safe place for any of us.” Luther nodded in agreement. “We will go back to the Cameron and William’s mother’s house. Follow me.” Luther walked down the hallway and ran his hand across the wall; just like the roses in the cabin; the vines opened up and they stepped through only this time they came out at the front door of the Castles estate. Cameron quickly led the way inside. “Mom? Mom are you here?” Cameron called out.

While Cameron searched for their mother William caught a scent of someone all too familiar. He backed away from the doors that stood before him and quickly returned to Kinessa’s side. “We must leave now. There’s no time to explain. They will be safer without you here.” Without any other explanation William took Kinessa by the hand and rushed her out of the house. He knew they wouldn’t get too far before who was behind those doors caught her scent and began his hunt. “William what’s happening? What did you mean they would be safer without me there?” He wasn’t fast enough to get them away he looked around and seen Cameron’s car and prayed he was the kind of moron that would leave the keys in it. Kinessa knew for a fact he was.

Now that they were on the road he felt a little calmer to speak. “The reason I had to get you out of there is because my father was in the study. I could smell him and he was hunting for you because I couldn’t finish the job. Which means he has probably been ordered to kill me as well. The others are safer because he isn’t after them but if they try to protect you he will slaughter them.” Kinessa was trying not to freak out but it wasn’t working this time. “Where are we going? How can we just leave them back there with him? What if he kills them anyway?” William felt ashamed but he had to protect her. “If he was going to kill them it would have already have happened. He was there talking to my mother. She was safe, therefore they will be safe. Not to mention between my mom, Cameron and Luther, they have enough power to knock him out maybe even kill him. I’m taking us somewhere nobody will find us not even my own father.”

William flew through the small villages and around the tight curves of the mountain roads without letting up on the throttle. She wasn’t sure how, she giggled to herself for a moment as she thought “He must be part Nascar driver.” William caught a glimpse of her smile and asked “Can I ask what’s so entertaining?” However before she got a chance to answer a black mist fell across the road where William couldn’t see where he was going and the car slid to a halt. “What the hell is that?” William had seen a lot but this was a new one on him. Kinessa looked harder into the mist and seen the cause. “It’s him; my father. He is searching for us. He can’t see us but he can sense me. We have to go somewhere that he would least expect to find me. Do you know of any places like that?” William thought of some out of the ordinary spots he had been and there was only one place he really could think of that she would never be found. He pulled the car off to the side of the road and grabbed some things out of the trunk and Kinessa then started south.

Allen Suntree entered the home of Cameron Castle and his mother as they were held prisoner in the study by William’s father, Jakob. “Luther, I should have known you were behind all this. Where is she? And if you are smart you won’t lie to me.” Allen watched Luther for any signs of trickery. “I don’t know where my granddaughter is and even if I did you would be the last soul I would reveal it to. But while we’re on the subjects of daughters, where is my daughter?” Allen shrugged off Luther’s question and looked to Cameron. “Young Cameron, please save us anymore of a headache and tell me where my daughter is.” Cameron too said nothing to help Allen Suntree. “Young man I don’t think you understand the situation you’re in. You see all I have to do is give a simple order to Mr. Jakob here and you’re mother and little girlfriend will be dog food.” Jakob stopped and stared at Allen. He was a lot of things but a cold blooded murderer wasn’t one of them. He especially wasn’t about to kill the mother of his child. “Allen, that’s quite enough. I will not slaughter innocent people simply to find your daughter.” Allen turned his anger toward Jakob and imagined strongly of crushing his wind pipe. Jakob began to gasp for air. Luther stepped forward and slammed Allen against the far wall giving Jakob and the others time to run. “I have waited a long time to kick your ass old man. You may be one of the oldest elders but I’m stronger and I’m going to drain you just as I drained your daughter.”

William and Kinessa journeyed south to an old village that was only occupied by thugs and fugitives. He came here to get away from the world and to take out his aggression on these assholes instead of innocent bystanders. He walked into an abandoned cabin to make sure there was no surprise visitors. Once clear he brought Kinessa inside. “I know it’s not great but you’ll be safe here.” She looked around and smiled with approval. She sat her things down and searched the bedroom to see if it was fit to sleep in or was it going to be a slumber party on the floor.

The bed was small but it wasn’t like she was going to be able to sleep much with her father searching for her. She just hoped that the others were safe somewhere as well. She tossed and turned until she became too frustrated and got up. As she entered the sitting room William had just came in from outside; wet and bloody; Kinessa looked at him in horror. “What happened?” She squealed. William hadn’t thought about how she would react about this place and why he came here. “I had to mark my territory. Nothing to worry about I promise.” He hoped that she would take the joke and leave the rest alone. Kinessa took the hint and grabbed a rag and started cleaning him up. “Why aren’t you asleep?” He asked her. She just looked at him and said nothing. He stood up and laid out all the quilts he could find onto the floor. “Come on get over here and lie down. I promise to stay here with you so you can sleep in peace.” Kinessa laid down with William and prayed for a peaceful night’s sleep, but would she really get it?


Break In


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    • vkwok profile image

      Victor W. Kwok 

      4 years ago from Hawaii

      Amazing chapter, Miller Amanda!


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