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Updated on March 2, 2016


I bent down to tie my shoelaces and I couldnt help laughing at that ridiculous memory. Was me that person? Anagnorisis interruptus.

Extracting epiphanies

An epiphany of love: I needed no more examples. I knew I was trapped when I observed his dishonest smile and enjoyed it as Chet Baker' s outgazing stars

A Room for Vilallonga

He was a Spanish dandy in the 50's, a secondary character in Tiffany's. He married a woman because he had heard that they needed a room for themselves. Finally she asked divorce for his tendency to extreme engrosse;
she appeared in tabloids complaining as a woman on the rebound. Alien quietness as a putdown.


Begoña Aranguren interview

Vilallonga and Audrey Hepburn


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