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Updated on February 23, 2015

Glassjack straddling a sidewalk crack

Skip forwards then shuffle back

Cartwheel homebound ragged slack

Sit and eat blueberries

Hardcloth fighting off a killer moth

Old age rage feeling ragged roth

Druthers for others making rock hard sloth

Sit and eat strawberries

Whiskey Bay red fur ran away

Fence left open rode on a bike today

Open grass smelled like far away

Look at those blackberries

Childflight disappearing early one night

South bound hearing sounds drowned right

Bright light dark cloth show might alright

Push away the cherries

Impulse fed up taking a long time

Head stead said red searching for a rhyme

Glassjack up stack looking for a taste of lime

Feeling light and airy

Glassjack straddling a sidewalk crack

Bike flight into the night looking like back

Bright light fed into night lifting into black

At the top of the stairs

If nobody cares

Six step if he dares

Do you like blueberries?

Copyright © 2012 christopher w neal all rights reserved

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