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Glittery Stars

Updated on January 18, 2016

A Dancer...


What was that?

Her young heart began racing like crazy. Was such a beautiful thing actually real? Or was it only a beautiful dream? Perhaps, there was no use in knowing it for certain.

Her Night

The moon is covering everything

with a silver veil.

What a beautiful moment to enjoy!

One, two and three…

A young girl became the brightest star

on that crowded dance floor.

Glittery stars were around her,

surrounding the young girl

like tiny bodyguards.

Those plasticine eyes

were set on her slender beauty;

Trying to find the source of such a

tender and warm charm.

The darkness was slowly

going back to that

little chest where she left it long ago.

One, two and three…

Soft clouds make her soul

feel suddenly lighter,

and the weight on her shoulder

quickly fades away.

Against all odds,

and against all of those

hateful hearts;

so filled with envy.

The young lady is alive,

feeling happier than ever.

Her happiness was able to break

a bitter spell of loneliness.

One, two and three…

Glittery stars fill the dance floor

with sparkling joy.

Maybe that feeling is plastic…

So what?

It´s better than feeling numb inside;

as if you were about to freeze.

Who could care about reality in this moment?

The raw emotion is the only thing

that can make the young hearts feel alive.

.The glittery stars can keep dancing

until the end of time.


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