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Gnomes, True or False?

Updated on March 31, 2012

by Christine B.

What is a Gnome?

Gnomes are small, humanoid-like creatures that are considered to be Earth elementals and believed to be guardians of sacred sites, mountains and forests. They live in caves or in forests, building their homes underground amongst the roots of ancient trees. They are the protectors of plants and animals on Earth and are able to move through solid earth as easily as humans move through air. Their Greek name, "Genomus" translates to “Earth dweller.” They are also the patron spirits of mines, quarries and treasures. Gnomes are usually benevolent beings and are friendly to all creatures. If they feel threatened, however they have been known to throw rocks at human’s feet and even to lob sharp sticks, but these wounds never do much damage.

Recently I shared a You Tube video on my Christine B.’s World of the Paranormal Blog ( The video was taken by a group of teens in Argentina using their cell phone. If you haven’t seen it before, please take the time to watch it. Here’s the link: Awesome Gnome Video / Increible video de un duende or

Move the progress button at the bottom of the video to 1:19 and watch it from there to avoid the beginning boring parts. The video is grainy, but at this point in the video a small creature wearing a pointed hat is seen coming out of a field and attempting to cross an open area without being seen. The person taking the video takes a few seconds for his brain to compute what he is recording.

There's a piercing scream, and then the image goes black. The cameraman told The Sun, the local newspaper: "One of my friends was so scared after seeing that thing that we had to take him to the hospital."

Was the video faked? In this day and age, just about anything can be faked, but why would they? If you watch the video from the beginning you can see that the camera person is an amateur and not someone who seems to know much about videography. It looks as though these young men were just out late goofing off, as teenagers are prone to do. This is an impressive eye witness account--one of hundreds of people who report that they have not only seen Gnome creatures, but who have actually interacted with them.

Here’s another eye-witness account published on the About-Paranormal site: Danny says: “I spent some time camping out in Spain, a few years ago, and I think I may of had a run in with one of these little fellows. One night at around midnight I went to take a pee by some bushes, near my tent, when I heard some rustling nearby. I approached the sound, turning on my torch and was confronted by what I can only describe as a small gnome like character. It was male and about 50cm tall with a pointed hat. He was rooting round in some rubbish. He turned, looked at me, and then ran off into the night. I was alone at the time and pretty freaked out but eventually convinced myself that I’d imagined it or that maybe it was some kind of animal or something. The image will be in my head forever and it was exactly like what I just saw in this video. Freaky.”


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