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God and Goddess in the Midst of the People

Updated on December 25, 2016

God among the People


God and Goddess in the Midst of the People

Who are you at the lonely corner of the homeless place?

You are absorbed in singing the almighty’s song day and night.

I am down to you in the morning to make you hear the prophecy.

He came back, look up your eyes.

The people without mercy cry in the lonely corner,

Listening to themselves. Some live in the heart of God day and day.

But why are you not finding out God in your own eyes?

He seems to be caught but alas, you fail in the end of the period.

No one knows not you see, he sees who knows passionately

Human beings are the gods and the goddesses.

He knows the difference between the bad and the good.

He stops before the ill and serves with full attention and care.

His heart is soft as his heart is the home of the God.

Lord comes back in every human being, see the good people and leave the corrupt mind.

Look at with the eyes; He is busy setting up heaven in the world.

Don’t let Him go, anyhow rectify yourself in no time.

Mathura, Bethlehem, Medina caught the innocence for his arrival.

The people who know not that god lives in the hearts of people are ignorant.

So all the people of this earth is your god, your Goddess

Become glad, happy and filled with joy knowing surely that god will stop at you.

Forget the difference between the expected and the received.

The god and the goddess will come back over and again in human beings.

The love may increase in the remembrance of this.

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