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God is that really you?

Updated on March 27, 2010

God is that really you?

 There is a time in my life that keeps coming back to mind. My age was some where in the 30’s, I was standing in front of a minister who laid hands on me and spoke a word of prophecy over me, He said “I see you writing” Okay that statement took me back a few and made no sense to me at all. He had to of seen the puzzled look on my face or felt the head tilt back a little. As I stood there listening to his prayer I asked God to confirm this with me, if this was truly his will being spoken over me.
Now I was raised to not take every word of prophecy as from God, but to test it. I knew that God would speak to me first then light the fire in me and give me the desire for writing, and then send confirmation second. I was also taught to pray over it. Then pray and pray more. This one I had a hard time accepting because I knew me, I hated to read and my spelling was awful. Why in the world would God give me this gift, writing was not me, but then I am reminded of Moses who was not good at talking and how God used him mightily. Now if you want to tell me God has a singing ministry in mind I would have understood and accepted from the beginning. I love to sing.
Since that time I have sat and wondered what would I write about? I haven’t done anything spectacular that I needed to write about it. I have no “how to ideas’” to share with anyone. I was just me. Me who had a life that was not always pleasing to God let alone to my parents. So no I could not see me writing. I thought to my self “This minister must of missed the mark on this one. We all make mistakes.” So my years went by with out me writing.
Now let me take you back a few more years of my earlier life. I was raised in a Godly home. I have 4 siblings, two older sisters, LaVonne and Lucy and 2 younger brothers, Kevin and Aaron. Yes that puts me right smack dab in the middle. I was and still am the middle child. We have all heard stories about the “middle child” right? Well some are true and some are not. So I will plead the fifth.
When I was 9 my parents invested in a piano for me to take piano lessons. The lessons did not last long, I wanted to know instantly how to play the piano. Lessons took up way to much of my time. No teaching for this girl, I was way to busy in my life with playing out side with friends I did not have time for that nonsense. So God seen he was wasting his time on me with piano lessons. But little did I know at the age of 9 when I became older God would give me lessons that I just could not walk away from, lessons on trusting him and him alone. Although He did bless me with playing the piano by ear, to this day I can not read music.
I also started singing solos in church at the age of 9. As my knees knocked and water for some reason came out of my eyes, I could not for the life of me stand up there for more then two minutes before my Uncle would come down and would pray for me. Oh his prayers were so sweet, “God I ask you bless Carrielee with boldness to be able to get up here and sing with out fear.” He was faithful with that prayer, I often wondered if God ever got tired of that prayer, or got tired of me standing up there and not making it though a whole song. There were times my sisters would sing with me. I'm not sure if they did it out of a want to, or because mom made them. Knowing my sisters it probably was out of a have to then a want to. But since then, I can now stand up in front of many people and sing a song to God even with my knees knocking, without tears. My Uncles prayers were answered. God did give me the boldness in order for me to do one of the ministry he had called me to do.


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