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God sent me Lewis.Ba

Updated on February 12, 2013

Beyonce HALO

My Angel, My Lewis.Ba

Poisoned air moved into the bubbles of clear oxygen in my life.

I was still , helpless glared with my blurry eyes.

I didn't like to live like this, I dremt back.

Back to when only the sun was able to dry my eyes.

Waiting for a voice on the other end of the line.

I didnt like to live like this , I dremt back.

Back to sleepless nights whilst my love was spent on another.

...When I was alone, away from my mother

I didnt like to be this way, I dremt back.

To the days of surrended lights I once followed with him.

...days when nicotine and silnce were my only friend

I didnt like to be this way, so I dremt back.

Back to my cocoon where once I felt warm and loved

.. deceived, hurt and betrayed

I didnt like to live like this so I dremt back.

To the days my eyes had a window to my soul

Soul that I have long ago forgotten I had

I didnt like to be this way, I dreamt back.

Losing myself in false love wanting more from nothing

Crying myself to sleep days, weeks months and years

I didnt like to be this way, I dremt back.

Back to the day I shook hands with fate

..fate, that broke the arm of my shoulder

I didnt want live this way, I dremt back.

Back to the days I had a father and mother

...back to the days when I had a sister in my brother

I didnt like to live this way, so I dremt back.

Back to the day devil took me in

fed me lies for food and tears for water

I didnt like to live this way so I dremt back.

Back to the very day I turned my back to GOD

...the damned day I wish not to remember

I dremt back.

Back to the day I fell in the arms of death

I struggled and swam to the verge of my strength, Bismillah.

I died and was born again , I dreamt FORWARD.

Forward to the path of God where the sun was warm

The days and nights when my wounds were not torn

I dreamt forward not to lose it.

Forward to the times my lips smiled so hard that my face hurt

To the days I became polite, loving and curt.

I dreamt forward.

Forward to the nights where sleeping embraced my skin

When faces smiled back, and I smiled within

I dreamt forward.

Forward to Gods path , surrounded by hope and love

To the nights of passion unders the shining stars above.

Forward to hoping and wandering what tomorrow brings

Forward to the man who gave me back my WINGS.

Forward where angels whispered in my ear

where I have no day with any sort of fear.

Forward towards Love , and peacefull happy Heart

Foward with grace and hope believing in life.

Forwad to dreaming at night without fear

dreaming so hard that I stay here.

Forwards with Gods guidance and angles charm

Forward since GOD sent me Lewis.Ba


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