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Updated on December 2, 2009

6Poems written over 20 years as an ode & a smile

the words they drift so softly

rising on the breeze

all the things you said to me

this heart opens and bleeds

all starry skies leap forth as if denied

life thought perfect within the tide

the white wilted black

crimson night sack

so old the stories of then

I turn my back on what's been

beyond the doors of perception

I drift on the breeze

and the dreams I'm living

are these...


these days sweep by us all,

as the sweetness of roses tasted,

the pounding waves answer the call,

as the sleet of salt is never wasted,

glass fixtures become visions of light,

airy domains beckon us forth,

we are the beauty & magic of earth,

stars to guide the ships at night,

resilient truth, to the blindless sight,

holy salvation in this divine birth,

hoping for all eternity is worth


Twilight eyes open unto dawn's violet hue

as the waves in the sea, in temptation through

casts of slivered love to be tamed by the sun

the task begun as the moment of birth is won

a crystalline sphere drifts upon a pole of light

the lantern beam's thrown furthest in the night

come to me with breaths as soft as dandelions

sing to me of choices past theaters of time

create a scene in pastels & in blue

come to me... I long only for you




a picturesque vista, reflected from the vacant waters of a moonlit pond

the words have no meaning, except a form found far beyond

in a heart's lonely tomb, life is received as if in faith

as starry pictures of yesterday, in time, to sit & wait

feel free to touch me, taste this place in time

a memory is but colours running, to form yet another line

pictures of yesterday seen anew in a present tense

the moments have changed, gaining momentum in events

call to me softly, as a ghostly vision found in a mirror

the feelings of ecstasy, as I run fingers through sunlit hair

in mountains of madness, within the mirrored caverns of the insane

true love is found running, like so many colours in the rain

crystalline dew drops drawing pain from ocean laid eyes

the truth is in words, nothing ever truly dies




A lantern casts her lonely glare upon a siren's sea

whose love she had once lost

the ships pass the harbor, gold in the eyes, dust in the mouth

blind to the waves o'er crossed

speak to me of pleasure, speak to me of pain

tell me the cherished hopes, known only to the rain

laugh with me as we recant the joke of the divine

"Shall Christ be the Grape & We the wine?"

laughter rings softly, as souls believe

a cheap thrill can be found here

past all that is held dear

it is you I fear

my Love




Hold this heart, a glass of melting ice

Look through the window, a vision of burning eyes

Corrupt not the day, can the times stay the same?

the thoughts of an inner heart hold no memories so tame

as we climb the cliff, where hell overhangs heaven

open pandora's Box, the noxious vapors breathe in

sands trickling stone, making love in the waves

The soul may disguise the secrets the body craves




trembling Lucy tells her mother what she would like to do

standing firm, her mother, like another (her own mother) says choose

trembling Lucy shows her mother what it is she does

falling down, her own mother, falls like love

into the blood

trembling Lucy, opens doors where others fear to tread

she opens doors, she opens books, others may have read

but the words, when she sees them, seem to slip and fail

some doors never open, although they stand with many

some doors, once they're opened, close minds aplenty

trembling Lucy opens all, each & every one she sees

& as they're opened they fall down, fall like love

into the blood

trembling Lucy, she's so wise, she cleans the doors of paint

stripped & naked, sometimes they speak, sometimes they faint

whether standing or lying down, she'll do her duty by them all

for that's what she does

she falls

falls like love

in the blood

(trembling Lucy is me)



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