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God's Blessings abound

Updated on December 17, 2012
A bunch of friends enjoying a Christmas time in the snow!
A bunch of friends enjoying a Christmas time in the snow!

Christmas blessings

God's blessings abound on this wonderful day

as we rush through the flurry

of shopping and play

We must not get caught up in these hectic times

Let's count all our blessing with heavenly rhyme

Happiness is hidden in each worried face

as we try to keep up with the seasonal pace

It's time to slow down and find a better way

to honor our Savior on His birthday

Set aside time to take a walk through the snow

Plan to spend time with someone special you know

Angels on the shelf

Cute little angels
Cute little angels | Source

Reach for the angel on the shelf in the store

to give to a loved one, a friend you adore

Take a walk down the street, to see Glittering lights

invite all the family to see the wondrous sights

Drop a few dollars that the big Red Kettle needs

you will be spreading joy to the folks that it feeds

Stare at the heavens so high up above

and know God created each star with his love

The flowers on the hillside, each snowflake unique

The trees standing tall on a high mountain peak

Gaze all around at the beauty you see

He wanted to share these joyful gift with you and me

So as you meet with loved ones to share Christmas cheer

tell of the blessings God has given this year!

Christmas bible books


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    • One Ribby Dibby profile image

      Jessica White 4 years ago from Decatur, AL

      Thank you Lord for coming to this sin ridden world to die a death that should have been mine! Beautiful reminder Bettyoverstreet that blessings are all around me!