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God’s Perfect Plan

Updated on May 6, 2017

What is your plan for your future?

To be a cook, chef or maybe an author

It will be easy to choose if you know what you want in life

To be a rich person and share your success with a wife

But do you know that even how great our plan is

God’s plan will always be greater than this

He always seeks our development and success

Taking care of us in every step so feel blessed

God will lead the way

He will listen to every word you say

He will listen to what you requested

He will give it to you when you really needed

God is never early and never late

His perfect plan will happen we just have to wait

Believe in him and trust that He will be your guide

Do not worry because he will never put you aside

God will accept you even you are bad

He will not discriminate you, no matter what past you have

If you really want to change just pray to him

He will her your whisper you don’t even have to scream

God is always the answer for our problems

Just pray and work and he will give you your items

God’s guidance is a necessity

He will get you out of problems safely

God is always by your side

He will be there in every fight

He did not promise that everything will be easy

But He will be in every step you take definitely!

We all have plans for our future

But God’s plan is greater and that’s for sure

Just do your best in everything you do

Pray and he will help you with the thing you want to pursue


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