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God's Playground.

Updated on November 24, 2009


God's playground



Once again I've crossed a boundary
into a state of bliss so pure
it's here that God stores his collections
of his favorite rocks I'm sure.

It's here he raised a forest 
his favorite so he made it last
in one hard glance...he petrified it
tree textured stones that mark the past.  
God added in a raging river
and he imbued it with his strength
it ripped huge trails...forming canyons
their beauty Grand in depth and length.  
I think perhaps this was God's playground
he left so much here to enjoy 
huge stone castles...pools and valleys
like a contented little boy.
When Phoenix rises and at sunset
on desert winds it spreads it's wings
with awesome reds and pastel ambers
that only desert realms can bring.  
Flagstaff's got some natural wonders
like swaths of colored cloth...raised high
across the canyons, hills and valleys
against turquoise reflective skies.  
The scenes I view bring back my childhood 
while  watching cowboys on T.V.
pursuing Injun's cross the deserts
it all looked just like this you see.  
Navajo once roamed these heavens
their great spirit kept them strong
until the White men built their crossroads
that led a peaceful people wrong.  
I'm alone in Arizona
on a river made of stone
my tires thump, and bump like war drums
near where Geronimo called home .
iI is a hungry land that swallows
all colonies...and leaves huge gaps
it is a thirsty land that wallows
against the sand each dry gulch laps.  
it is the place I want to come to
when my life's work's almost done
I'll wander off through my last chapter
bookmark my bleached bones in the sun.  
But for now I'll roam it's valleys
where ruby mesas gleam like jewels
and later rest my weary muscles
with some friends around thier pool.  
Alaska's got it's icebergs
Niagra's got it's falls
but Arizona holds great riches
across its planes and painted walls.


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