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God's Surprises

Updated on December 28, 2015

Before 2015 Ends Let me share ....

I love to share about God's Love with everyone who reads my articles, simply to encourage and inspire in little ways :)

Motherhood 28/12/2015

Prayers we pray to God in tears to be whole

A woman's greatest desire to become a mother

To hold a little hand that would touch her soul

To take care and be the best teacher :)

I'm my mom's third but the first child chosen to be the eldest

God had a change of heart so He took those two back into heaven

My mom had been working hard to provide for us

Building a house out of bricked three rooms to a upstairs haven.

Simply being an unhealthy baby she loves me unconditionally

Took me to all the churches for blessings while having so many check ups

Making sure I was out of harm, finding out how I am daily

Even now giving calls from work to see how I am doing and my work.

Growing up I used to give her heart attacks by my behaviour

Unforgettable memories even for those who knew me

I wasn't that naughty just a little bit silly and fun loving

Locking myself inside a room and almost ran away from home.

Oh well, God has given her a strong heart with patience and love

She has a cheerful pleasant countenance where ever she may go

Maybe that's why I thought that the Sweetest Pooh is just like her

Always smiling, always inspiring, always humble and always genuine.

Pinkish Priest's Daughter-in-love lost her first baby who was taken to heaven

Her heart was heavy with sadness yet she and husband had faith in God

Never relying on their understanding but depending totally on God

Their beautiful Emmy Angel was sent from heaven above.

Little Emmy is sweet and adorable as she chatters in her own language

And Pinkish Priest doesn't see anybody else when she's around

Even Mr. Pooh has so much of time to spend with Little Emmy

Simply because little Emmy is their bundle of joy who keeps them on their toes :)

There's an aunt who speaks prophetic encouraging messages from God

She has a grand- daughter as a miracle whom the doctors said she wouldn't live long

But her son and daughter in love never gave up as they are Christians

The doctors were surprised by the recovery of this little girl.

God is a heavenly father who loves to surprise His children

He always strengthens us by His comfort as we depend on Him

He makes us go through certain things so that we become a blessing to others

To be a living testimony and to share His love to those who may in need.


Gillian 28/12/2015

" We have three new students, please welcome them" our teacher said

One from abroad, the other two transferred from another school

I was only eight years back then when I come to think about it

It was a memory of a girl whom I thought as an angel sent from above.

The girl who came from abroad, now she's married who has beautiful two kids

She's a fashion designer who lives with her one true love and her family

One of the girls who was transferred is now an Ayurevedic Doctor I think

Who is also married having a wonderful life with her family and friends.

The one I want to speak is the girl named Gillian

She was so fair, looked like an angel with long two braids

I found it way too shy and difficult to speak to anyone back then

Unless I have no choice but to talk.

It was her beautiful inviting smile that encouraged me

To say "Hi" and be around her as I admired her

She was very sweet, kind, down to earth and gentle

Alas! Only few months she was with us in the class.

She died with dengue and I couldn't go to her funeral as it was hard for me to travel

She had a younger brother and I don't know what became of her parents

I don't remember her face anymore but her memory brings so much of tears

Then I simply ask God to comfort the family and friends who lost her.

It is very upsetting whenever I hear that small kids are having dengue

I simply hope that people would be more concerned about their surrounding

Making sure to destroy all the places that can make those mosquitoes

Who would give so much of pain to the ones we love.

"Death Is A True Friend" that would come to anyone

No running away when it's time to leave everything behind

No make up, no plastic surgery, no machine would work

When it's time to go , you simply have to go.

This is why I want to share God's precious gift with everyone

Jesus Christ who came to die for our sins and gave eternal life

What will happen to you after you die? Where would you go?

Are you certain of your after life, life? Do you ever think about it?

I know people have different faiths according to their religions

I don't mean to disrespect anyone, this is simply what I thought

Some believe that after you die, you go into the world of where all the gods are

A god would put your soul into the lake of forgetfulness and give you another chance.

Depending on what you have done so far, you'll be sent back to earth to earn goodness

Doing good deeds, charity and trying so many things with your own will power

The cycle goes on until you have passed so many life times to go into paradise

This is what I read on a book and I thought of sharing what came to my mind.

You know practicing Christianity is not at all easy that's why there are so many who leave

Not that I'm judging or putting people down

But just one life time, to those who think of life, after life

Accepting Jesus Christ as your personal saviour and redeemer would be a great choice.

As I understood after reading that book of the lake of forgetfulness

I thought even as a christian in this life time, I dipped myself in water baptism

I believed in Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour and Redeemer

I gave myself, in Him my sins are washed away and given new life.

So now I have hope even if I die I would simply go to live with Him eternally

As long as I don't kill myself since my life doesn't belong to me but to Him alone

Only God's grace and Salvation to your spirit and soul is His gift of love for you and me

Whenever I remember my friend Gillian, I ask Him to bring her to Himself.

Smiling Lady 28/12/2015

There's a lady who keeps on smiling with me

I don't even know her name though she comes to our church

She seems to be poor financially but rich with two kids

One kid actually made me smile as he played with his toy guitar.

I'm much comfortable around kids more than grown up people

Anyways, it's nice to see smiling faces early in the morning

She has curly hair, and even I remember she was been prayed

As she was possessed by a demonic spirit that kept her in bondage.

The name of Jesus Christ has the power to set people free

Who is affected by all sorts of witchcraft and evil spirits

As long as you are covered by the precious blood of Jesus Christ

No evil can do no harm as you are His beloved Child.


Family of Musicians 29/12/2015

Our friends Tehi and Sheni the Peni

Both are beautiful girls who are very talented

They could sing, play the drums and the piano

Just like their mom our Church Organist

And their dad the base guitarist who can play the drums too.

On December 26th the Aunt and the Uncle celebrated

Their 21st wedding Anniversary which is so cool

They had a difficult time whenever he got sick

So the aunt worked hard and won an award for the best employee

As it was God's grace that made her achieve all that she's now.

Last Sunday Uncle gave a testimony of God's goodness in tears

As he lost his day time job and was sick for sometime

And the aunt who felt so loved and appreciated by her Achievements

Since she had to travel long distance for her to go to her working place

Together in Christ they made it to be a blessing to others.

I pray that God will provide them in many years to come

Tehi and Sheni to work onto making their dreams to come true

As they being a good caring friend to my little sister

Even to me as I enjoy their company

May God bless their efforts to let their light shine as they grow old!!!


God's Surprises 29/12/2015

Heavenly Papa loves to surprise me

He did a wonderful miracle in me

He who created me in my mother's womb

Can alternate DNA and make me bloom :)

When I look back at the past years

He gave me strength to face almost all my fears

He then surprised me with little things that I have no control of

He alone knew what would make me happy by sending the things I love.

The new friendships that I made and the old that renewed

Found grace in Him to look beyond my flaws and all not good attitude

To see myself as how He sees me and to share His love

Not perfect but to let my little light shine which was given from above :)

Since the time my cat who used to poop in our toilet died

I was so broken I didn't want to do anything with any animal for sometime

But recently I've been feeling a longing in my heart to have one

So there's a grey cat comes and purr around my legs, as I enjoy talking to her for fun.

As I used to be an unhealthy kid according to my mom

I hardly went out for marketing or shopping when I was really young

Recently I went with her and I kind of used a kid's red shopping trolley

Even by mistake I kind of had fun pushing that trolley.

Since it was the Christmas season there was a choir who sang

In it beautifully in falsetto a young boy I think who sang

Reminded me of the times I was in Gospel Singers and Peradeniya Singers

The two aunts, mother and daughter, together who play musical instruments :)

All the effort is to make another person's life much easier

The talents are to glorify God and be a blessing to another

With their help I was given an opportunity to be confident

A bathroom singer to sing for an audience and be efficient.

Before I step into 2016, I just wanted to say thank you for reading my articles and encouraging me with words of wisdom and experiences :) God bless you all!! I simply hope no body is hurt by my writing. Take care and may God Bless You!!!

© 2015 rdsparrowriter


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    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 2 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      I think that if we are able to surround ourselves with good surroundings, the rest will generally be easier.

    • Sunkesner profile image

      Sunkesner 2 years ago from Philippines

      Like it! More blessings to us!

    • rdsparrowriter profile image

      rdsparrowriter 2 years ago

      Thank you whonunuwho for your visit and the thoughtful words :) God bless you and Happy 2016!

    • rdsparrowriter profile image

      rdsparrowriter 2 years ago

      Thank you Sir Billy for the encouraging words :) God bless you! Happy New Year 2016!

    • rdsparrowriter profile image

      rdsparrowriter 2 years ago

      Thank you Manatita :) My family is doing great and thanks to God we had an awesome Christmas with family and friends :) God bless you and best wishes for 2016!

    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 2 years ago from United States

      A nice tribute to the human spirit and a message so well received from a heartfelt soul's moment of sharing. Thank you so much for your special work. whonu

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 2 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Lovely writing my friend. You paint beautiful pictures with your words.

    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 2 years ago from london

      You tell a poignant story and perhaps you have a delicate Soul. This read like a very sincere conversation, one with concern and much care.

      Much Love to you, Rochelle. How is the family? How was your Christmas? Lots of Hugs. This world is so vast, but sometimes it's good to chat. All my best wishes to you for 2016 and beyond. May our Lord bless you and keep you safe.