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Golden Haze

Updated on August 31, 2017
My First Novel
My First Novel

Golden Haze, was the first novel that I had ever written. I wrote short stories in the past and some were published in magazines. However, writing a novel was a different undertaking for me. I had read many things on how to write a novel and I must say many of those I just had to ignore. What works for one may very well not work for another.

I thought to myself, think of a chapter as a short story. Connect those short stories together and the novel is coming to life. Let your mind wander and see where it goes. The old saying is, "Think out of the Box." That is very true in writing. In writing, Golden Haze, I strove to see how far I could let my mind wander.

The dog shown on the front cover was my actual dog, Izzy. Izzy had to have an emergency operation and she did not survive. Her death devastated me and she was in my mind and my heart for years. I got to thinking what if she was an angel could she do the unthinkable. She will always be my angel and is a main part of, Golden Haze.

Golden Haze, is the story of a four legged angel and demons. What is a normal family life suddenly changes when tragedy strikes. They are hit with struggles when it suddenly appears that their dog, Izzy is not ordinary but has special powers. She truly is an angel.

The family moves from Pennsylvania to North Carolina hoping that the warmer climate will help them put the struggles behind them. It was soon that the happiness turns to sadness and tragedy. What was going on in their house was tearing them apart. It was putting their little angel to the test making them all wonder just how much more she could take. How much more could the family take? The terror and the fear continued building up and it was a question as to whether it would reach the breaking point.

Golden Haze is available on amazon: The link is:

Copyright Larry W. Fish 2017


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