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RTH 2 - Gone when little

Updated on August 5, 2012

Rocket To Heaven Cycle Pt. 2

come into everything through water and pain

lifted up and held by hands never known

given to glory then set down once more

settled into misery and burning sunshine

called to be beautiful and treated like trash

tossed out for people who couldn't see themselves

it means different things to different times

but you need to listen to the wind

stuck in one place for hours as in a jail

words have no meaning when you don't want to know

lifted out for nothing and told good was okay

marble and wood and sand and chocolate milk

going from cold to colder but with a smile

stopped in no place in particular

given no reason but deciding to stay

what difference does it really make to someone

born to be beautiful and living for air

smashing the rudders and tearing up the sails

no light sails between the here and the there

gone tomorrow but never really around

no difference where different could be teased out

something much shorter but still just the same

called for accounting but not thinking like them

when will it end everything just means what it means

given up for seaweed

risen to the rolling

wrapped up in the concrete

left out in the sand

Glory for glory but no brightness seen

Air in the space left nothing removed

Timed to perfection but perfectly undone

Now it is time to look at the son

copyright (C) 2011 christopher w neal all rights reserved


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