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Good or Bad: Thoughts Procured

Updated on February 5, 2020

By: Toni Whisenant

The cold wind stings my face

As I stand among the edge

Of the sped up version

Of what life is about.

I simply cry at the thought

That to stop and smell te roses

Would be to miss the waking minutes

Of the sleepless hours

Of the rushing days.

The sacred fear of slowing down

Strikes the best of us,

Overcomes the worst of us,

And mentally rapes the weakest of us.

It ecomes us and uns us.

It confuses us yet makes us understand.

It loves us yet hates us.

It kills us yet gives us the will to live.

The fact of our not so subtle changes

And the drastic and dramatic changes

Of the world around us

Defines us in such a way

That it evolves us.

I can only simply imagine

How the world would be

Without our sins and monstrocities.

Without our hypocracies and our insanities.

Without our selfish acts and hates

Our racist comments and idiotic discriminations.

Just to know that taking a breath

Would kill your career,

Keep you insane,

Make you inane.

People are encouraged to

Lick their own wounds and

Not to help those in need.

To mind their own business

And to shut their mouth.

To kill or be killed in

A dog-eat-dog world.

When insanity is normal

And all truths are perverse.

In a society where a child's mom

Is in fact the nanny.

When parents don't know

Their own child's name.

When drugs and money are more important

Than a person's life itself.

We are all born into

A society in which

We are taught to

Bite the hand that feeds us.

We take advantage of whatever we can.

All we can do is simply Take.

Take the lives from others;

Take entire species out of their habitat

So that we may have a shopping mall;

Take mothers from children

So that we could be happy.

So that we could prove our worthiness.

We drink our whiskeys and beers

Until our endless guilts are momentarily relieved.

We push further and further

Until the world bites us.

Until it attacks us.

Our society relies solely upon the

Careless political leaders

And upon the stock brokers and investers.

It relies upon the rich and

Upon the big companies.

But I ask myself,

What about the feeble-minded?

What about the weak

And the poor and the sick?

What about those who fight in

Battles rarely won?

What becomes of

The insolent, the abusing, the inadequate?

The most unheard of people

Are in fact the biggest heros,

Yet are never thought of

As being so.

Celebrities are more important

Than those who give their lives for us.

Fast food characters are more known

Than major world leaders.

In a world where fashion

Costs as much as a car

And good education costs

An acre of farming land.

When making oneself happy

Includes the sacrafice of another.

Our guilts are made of enless hours

Of sleepless nights and

Tear-filled days.

Our hard-earned money

Goes down the drain with every decision we make.

We ARE the epitamy of mindless robots.

We ARE the scum of th earth.

Yet we think we do the world so good.

Why is it that when we try to help

Everything goes to waste?

We ARE, in fact, the humorless race,

The hated and insecure,

The easily distracted and hardly amused.

We don't know what is best for us.

We don't try to figure it out.

We are the top of the food-chain,

Yet we take everything for granted.

Why is that?

Why is it we are never satisfied?

Why is it the more we get

The less satisfied we are?

Why can we not be

Grateful for what we do have?

Why is it so impossible to

Accep the tragedies versus

Stand up to the sands of time

And waste our endless days and nights

Working and being woried?

Why can we not accept the things that

Do happen and try to change the future for the better?

Can't we just pronouncethe dead as being dead

And just let bygones be bygones?

Or do we have to keep grudges

Over the most idiotic things?

Nature does not accept us,

Yet we are nature.

Our necessities aremet by mere luxuries

And our standards are out of our hands.

We have bitten off too much to chew.

So let me ask you this:

Are we good or bad?


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