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Gothic Minisaur

Updated on October 20, 2010
The Gothic minisaur
The Gothic minisaur | Source

Unlike all of his past discoveries made out amid the dry and dusty geologic fractures of Kane County’s Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, paleontologist (Native American and part-time geography teacher to 11-year-olds) Pale Leo Longo uncovered his latest find in the middle of a boring budget meeting at Kanab Middle School on Highway 89A.

Rather than ‘uncovering’ his latest find, I should say that Pale Leo revealed his latest find, by rolling away the pencil he was using to doodle on his meeting agenda, and BAM! — there the little guy stood. At about 3/16” high x 5/16” long, this fully grown Gothic minisaur is the smallest of all known dinos (unless one counts dinoflagellates!: lol).

In commemoration of the time and place of his discovery, as well as fellow teacher Ms. Maria Alvarez whose ample bosom ‘neath tautly stretched jersey he happened to be scrutinizing at the instant of discovery, Mr. Longo has decided to name this species Kanabudgetii mariabazoomasauria spp. Paleleo.  


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