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Grab A Good Thought And Pass It Along

Updated on February 9, 2012

We Already Have All The Answers

Each day we start we think it is new

Then we realize it really isn't

This day is new to us because we haven't lived it yet

We will find out later many people face the same struggles we face day to day

They celebrate the same accomplishments we have worked so hard for

It is uncanny how our roads never pass sometimes until years later

When you are caught off guard and a conversation is brought up and you say

I did that too

If only I would of known

We could of done it together and saved so much time

Lesson learned or is it ?

Many times we learn for ourselves and try things on our own

What if there was a way to speed up the process and get better accuracy in the results ?

To talk to each other and throw all the problems out in the open

In a general pool

For anyone to solve and see what choices people come up with

LIke a World Think Tank

That we all could look for advice and give advice too

It would save so much time and money

How many times have you looked for an easier way to do something ?

Sometimes we read it somewhere or we don't have the time

Other times we just try and see how it works from trial and error

It should be renamed mistakes and more mistakes

So if we could do that on a small level why couldn't the government work the same way

If their idea was used we could all be part of the solution

Maybe random drawings so the people could benefit from helping

Money to buy gas,food, or put it to a unexpected car bill

Only a small amounts in the amount of one hundred dollars

Randomly given so anyone can win as long as you submit ideas in .

Instead of the government spending billions of dollars of tax payers money

Followed by years of red tape and thinking they are all the experts

We the people have experienced the problems and we have the solutions not some one who just gets payed big bucks to anayze and try what they think is right

Too often money is spent on the wrong things

The people don't even know it

The things we accomplish now can save time and money and lives

Why do companies think they hold all the answers

They are only people who are suppose to be good at analyzing what other people do and don't do

Sometimes you see a bigger mess

We can start small and work big

You ever have one of those days you just need a pick me up

Someone else to help you along in the right direction

You see how questionaires give resturants ideas of what people like and don't like

Feedback that they can learn from

The owners then decide to do or die

There are focus groups that suppose to give advice

Who are these focus groups and where do they exsist ?

Too often it is years later and we find out the answer many already knew

All they had to do is ask

I understand that is where forums and good Ideas are suppose to be shared

I have only seen meetings in work turn out to be Bitch sessons where everyone gets pissed off

Just another idea thrown into the wind

Maybe the seed will land on some rich soil and begin to germinate

The seed will turn into a flower

So much easier to plant the seed than hope and pray it works

Another day another question left unanswered


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 6 years ago

      Dim Flaxenwick Our seeds have cross pollinated look out world we are on to something really beautiful.

    • Dim Flaxenwick profile image

      Dim Flaxenwick 6 years ago from Great Britain

      Wonderful ideas, Dream On. This is a fabulous hub. A world Think Tank is a brilliant idea.

      Keep planting your seeds and I´ll do the same. It´s worth a try.