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Grace above Grass

Updated on May 30, 2016

People laughed at him when he decided to work as a security man, they belittled him and some of his close friends gossiped about him but he knew that there was no other option left for him so instead of succumb to their mockery, he took his work very serious.Something that earned him a recognition at his workplace. Perhaps that was why he was selected to be promoted to chief security officer just after two years of working with the security firm and also was transferred from Muyumbu to work in Kigali in a permanent residence owned by Dr Jibril, a millionaire US based neurosurgeon. Dr Jibril visits his homeland regularly so on this particular visit, he came down to commission his newly built ultra modern specialist hospital.

I have heard people say stuffs like delayed success or delayed grace, some use to say... 'My victory can be delayed not denied' but believe me, there is nothing like delay or denied. Grace is never denied nor delayed, success in life is also never delayed nor denied. The truth is that there is time for everything and that time is only set by the most high. There is nothing like good luck or bad luck rather Destiny and no matter what it is, you must be what he wants you to be.

Ruben dropped out from school because there was nobody to fend for him, his mother tried her best to see him through primary school but was unable to send him to secondary school, he did lots of odd jobs and sometimes go without food, there were days all he had with his mother to cure headache or running stomach was just prayer. She blessed him when he took up the job as a security man and he carried that blessing right through because he was an obedient son.

Dr Jibril liked him from day one and because of his good nature and extra services he rendered outside his regular security duty during the opening of the hospital, he decided to employ him direct so to make more money, Ruben was pleased that he would be able to cater for his mother with his new salary and the security firm was willing to let him go despite the fact that it meant losing a dedicated officer.

Narrating his life story to Dr Jibril was one thing and the outcome another thing because he had always wanted to go back to school and the opportunity was right in front of him but then, Dr Jibril lived in Muyumbu in the 70s and he knows Pastor Idim Kulamba, he knows the village circle and he knows Mary the pastor's 19 years old daughter who was rapped in 1979. Ruben didn't hide the fact that he was a product of rape and one thing he always pray for was to one day see his father.

"Don't ever take your past for granted because it modifies your future."- Rossi Mobis.

Dr Jibril was the man who raped Mary Kulamba in 1979 and got her pregnant which her father refused to abort but died before she delivered her baby whom she named Ruben after the Biblical Ruben. No wonder the striking resemblance between Ruben and Dr Jibril. Mary was sent for and was welcomed like a queen in kigali and Dr Jibril openly confessed to the rape and also openly apologized to Mary and everyone present. Although he showed remorse but he was also proud because fate united him with his son he never knew about.

Ruben's story took a different form when his millionaire father presented him with a porch utility sports car and the documents that certified him as the co owner of the newly built ultra modern specialist hospital.

Imagine the rest of the story because destiny is never denied nor deprived.


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    • Rossimobis profile image

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 21 months ago from Biafra

      That is why we should be careful how we treat people we meet as we journey b/cos the guy sitting ideal while you drive by might be the guy checking papers when you are driving back. You never can tell how grace flow. Thanks DreamerMeg

    • DreamerMeg profile image

      DreamerMeg 21 months ago from Northern Ireland

      I liked that story very much. What happens in the past definitely makes us the people we are today.