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Mercy and Truth at the Cross (Poem)

Updated on March 1, 2014

Mercy and Truth Met up at the Cross

When Jesus gave His life and

Died for you and me,

To provide for us salvation, and

From sin and death set us free,

Do you really know what happened?

As His precious blood was shed,

Mercy then met truth on the cross,

Pleaded our case on Calvary,

Mercy said of a truth I endure forever

Truth then replied,

They will know me and be made free

Truth said, I am the resurrection

And I am the life,

Whosoever believes in me, mercy is granted

Though they were dead, yet shall they live,

Mercy replied, I am the way you are pardoned

Truth responded, I am the truth and you are free

The risen Christ said, I am the life and I’ve come

That you’d have it more abundantly

Grace said, I am unmerited favor extended to you

Love said, I transcend all barriers and every fault you have

Righteousness is imputed to you by faith

Mercy and truth met at the cross

To grant us favor and set us completely free.


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