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Math And Grammar Reading Booklist For 6 to 10 Year Olds II - Books That Make Learning Grammar And Math Fun.

Updated on March 16, 2011

Grammar and Math can often be redundant and boring for even the studious of students.

What a better way of bringing basic teachings to life than through the use of a great book!

Author Nancy Loewen has done just that with her series of Word Fun, and Math Fun books that make learning grammar and math fun and exciting.

With colorful illustrations by Sara Gray, these series of books are a great read for kids 6 to 10 years of age.

Using the catch phrase - "If you were a" - the author invites the young reader to visualize themselves as the grammar or math concept that's being discussed.

In the event that parents, teachers, or students are in need of additional information, each book provides a special site (accompanied with a special code) that offers a safe, fun way to find other Websites related to the topics in each book.

With colorful illustrations and simple jargon, these books are a "must have" for any parent, teacher, or 6 to 10 year old.

* Word Fun Books:

This extensive series include:

  1. If You Were a Conjunction.
  2. If You Were a Period.
  3. If You Were a Noun.
  4. If You Were a Pronoun.
  5. If You Were a Preposition.
  6. If You Were a Verb.
  7. If You Were a Adverb.
  8. If You Were an Adjective.
  9. If You Were an Interjection.
  10. If You Were an Alliteration.
  11. If You Were an Antonym.
  12. If You Were a Suffix.

* Math Fun Books:

This fun and exciting series include:

  1. If You Were a Fraction.
  2. If You Were a Minus Sign.
  3. If You Were a Plus Sign.
  4. If You Were a Set.
  5. If You Were an Even Number.
  6. If You Were an Odd Number.
  7. If You Were a Math Concept.
  8. If You Were a Circle.
  9. If You Were a Polygon.
  10. If You Were a Triangle.
  11. If You Were a Minute.
  12. If You Were a Quadrilateral.

Each concept is explained in simple, yet detailed language, and accompanied with a quick reference glossary and neat activities to help the young reader incorporate the newly learned concepts in everyday life.

With the use of color, simple language, and cool activities, these educational resources make learning Math and Grammar fun and exciting.

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