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Grandma Lou and Charles, too... Chapter 3

Updated on June 2, 2014
What's this?
What's this? | Source

Charles to the Rescue

Over and over again Charles would hear the music and find himself in the middle of danger. He noticed he had the letters “M” “C” on his shirt. Maybe that stood for “Mighty Charles”, he thought. And he was mighty , too. Every time he would show up a bad guy would get caught. Charles would let out his Ruf,ruf,ruf” and the bad guys would laugh and forget what they were doing.

Grandma Lou knew nothing about this until one day a policeman arrived at her door. “Do you have a little pug that says ”Ruf” a lot? He wears a cape and a t-shirt.”

Grandma Lou said she had a pug, but he didn’t do those things. But later that day she was cleaning when she saw something under her bed. she pulled it out and it was a little cape and a little t-shirt and some shorts.

“What in the world?” she said.

“Charles,” she called. Charles came obediently , as he always did. “What is the meaning of this?” she asked. Of course, Charles couldn’t talk, so he couldn’t answer. He just quickly put on the outfit. When he did, the Mighty Charles song played. Grandma Lou heard it, but couldn’t believe her ears.

Looting | Source

Just then there was a noise outside. Charles ran out to see four boys grabbing ice cream out of an ice cream truck.

“Get the money, too,” one of them yelled.

They saw Charles. He puffed himself up and stood on his hind legs. He “ruf,ruffed. The boys stopped and started to laugh at the funny dog in the funny suit. Then the policemen showed up and handcuffed the boys. The ice cream man patted Charles on the head.

“Thanks,little dog, “he said.

Friends Forever
Friends Forever | Source

Grandma Lou watched the whole incident from her front door. She did not know what to think. Does Charles have super powers or does he just think that he does? She called Charles to her. She sat down in her recliner and Charles jumped up on her lap. Grandma Lou tried to think about it, but pretty soon she was asleep. So was Charles.


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