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Graphic Novel Adventures With Saving an Overheated World and a Life Lesson

Updated on June 17, 2020
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Cindy Hewitt is a retired teacher with a passion for children's literature. Read-aloud stories add quality to a child's life experiences.

New Adventures as Oona Must Save an Overheated World from the Evil

the 4th installment from Mark and Alexis Siegler
the 4th installment from Mark and Alexis Siegler | Source

An Exciting Page-Turner in This 4th Installment From the Sieglers

Fans of Mark and Alexis Siegler's graphic novels will find their 4th installment 5 Worlds:The Amber Anthem to be a page-turner as they read to discover Oona's problem in discovering the correct beacon that must be found in order to save an overheated world. This adventure contains all of the magical elements of a perfect graphic novel with characters who have magical and creative names, awesomely beautiful illustrations, and large conversational bubbles. There is action and mystery throughout the story.

The world is overheating and Oona sets out to find all five light beacons with the colors of blue, white, red, yellow, and green. Oona's mission is to light the yellow beacon. One of these beacons is encased in an amber container. Lighting all of these beacons will bring balance back to the world and Oona must find the missing beacon. The amber case must be found. An evil robot is part of the adventure. Evil vs. good is the central theme, but there is life lesson to be found. The life lesson of "all the living" and its meaning that we are all in this together and everyone is the same is a lesson that young readers can use in our society now in these unprecedented times that we are now living in.

5 Worlds:The Amber Anthem received a special award as NPR's Great Read of the Year. It was published by Random House Children's Books and is recommended for ages 8-12. It has an ISBN of 9780593120552

Graphic Novel as Great Tool for Creative Lessons in the Classroom

Teachers who teach language arts and reading to ages 8-12 use graphic novels like 5 Worlds: The Amber Anthem to encourage the development of reading and writing skills. Graphic novels have all the elements need to encourage young readers in creativity and writing skills. Chapter books can be read through several weeks of lessons.

*Read 5 Worlds:The Amber Anthem as a group reading together through several weeks or as an individual reading assignment. Students enjoy the opportunity to improve reading skills and reading aloud when they read to each other.

*Assign a creative writing project for students to write about their favorite character from 5 Worlds. There is a variety of interesting characters, with both superheroes and evil personalities. Students might like to choose one from each category as a superhero vs. an evil character.

*Call attention to Oona's mission to light the yellow beacon. Assign a creative writing project for students to write their version of how they think this mission should be solved.

*Assign a creative writing project for students to practice writing conversation bubbles between the characters as Oona and her friends set out to find the beacon that is hidden in the amber case.

*Engage students in a discussion after reading with the life lesson of "all being in this together from the conclusion of the story. How can they relate this lesson to the times that we are living in now? The life lesson of everyone being all the same is also a part of this knowledge the Oona gathers along with her friends. Why is this an important lesson for students to learn?

*Divide the class into superheroes and evil characters for a dramatic reading activity. Choose a chapter each week for students to read the conversational bubbles to enhance their dramatic reading skills.

*Provide art materials for students to draw their own versions of some of the action from 5 Worlds: The Amber Anthem.

*Assign a creative writing activity for students to write about a magical land inhabited by characters like the Sallassi people. Encourage students to use descriptive words to describe their magical land.

*Assign a creative writing task for students to write their feelings about the life lesson of all being in this together and how they can use this life lesson in their world today in this unprecedented time that we are living in. How can this lesson improve our society, their relationships with their friends, and relationships with community?


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