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A True Mother

Updated on May 22, 2017

His hand lifted to caress her plump pillowed lips, they were cold, not like he remembered.

There was a time when she wasn't his graveyard of memories, but a kindred spirit set out to achieve the universe's desires. Her purest goal in life was to help, love, like a mother who had no other intentions but to supply necessities in order for her darling children to have beautiful growth. She was the mother of the earth. Taking in everything around her, seeing the good in the deepest roots of evil. Believing in a better place for all of us. We broke her. We broke the woman who tried to give her very being to save them. Keep them healthy. Happy. Naturally, like any mother would.

Her arms stretching out across planet earth to hold her children tight, like long willow tree branches covered in moss and tiny insects whom she housed for centuries. Her feet were dug into the rich soils keeping her grounded in her doings, like the seedlings of our plants in which she provided for our nutrients.

She was the crisp crystal clear water that diminished our thirst, flowing down the rivers of our glory. The drops from the sky we now cry to, because our mother is gone, and our earth is crumbling to the pits of our extinction.

Our mother warned us of the consequences of our actions, taking her for granted. She warned us of the miseries now engraved into her body that has no more left to give, we have taken what we wanted without giving back in order for us to continue the course she had set in place for us. We scavenge to feed the children of the earth, we suffer from the poisoned air that is taken into our lungs in order to breathe for a few extra days. For we are the murderers of this land we have called home. We are the end of all that is sweet and innocent, destruction is all we now know.

His forehead pressed to hers as he tried to remember what her eyes looked like. Emerald green, just like the world had once been. So full of life and joy. Full of fire and passion for the greater good. The color in which the world would never see again, she had left them in a universe full of darkness and death. No. She did not leave them. They had destroyed her. She tried with every fiber she had left to muster. Craving for her world to be vibrant, her children's world to be grand. No matter how long they hauled away at her love. She stood by their side in an attempt to keep it all afloat.

Her song no longer played through the tops of the trees, dragged on by her flying creatures that were once carried by their hollow bones and soft wings of life. They now lay crippled at the bed of the rock, beating hearts at a stand still. They are no more. No more than what she is.

Distracted by destruction

Distracted by destruction
Distracted by destruction | Source

David Lanz - Cristofori's Dream


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    • Lamity profile image

      Lamity 12 months ago from Sudbury, ON

      Justice will prevail.

    • cheaptrick profile image

      cheaptrick 12 months ago from the bridge of sighs

      Mother Earth will soon Have her revenge...the rumblings of her anger are happening now...her full fury is just around the corner...after which mankind will no longer be a anyone...

    • Whispering Night profile image

      MICKEY MOUSE 12 months ago from our World

      I understand that mother earth is losing its battle with humans to save our world. I used to think what if all the humans leave the planet for ten years and come back to find the air is pure with oxygen, the polluted river turns into crystal clear water, trees and plants growing on every building and road, Wildlife roaming freely in the city without fear of humans. Animals that are being poached for money increase in number. The earth turns into paradise once again.