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Graysome Shades of Grey

Updated on November 9, 2011

I tend to grab my toothbrush in the morning without really looking. We have one of those fancy sonic toothbrushes that I sometimes use. But frankly, I don't like it because it vibrates too much and makes me throw up!

Counter productive.

I have a manual toothbrush. Old school. But it stays in my medicine cabinet and there's no confusion.

The sonic brush has a spot for two heads. One on the left, and one on the right. His and hers. Hubby put new heads on recently when we had to get a new unit. The old one conked out and was still under warranty thankfully. Those are very expensive toothbrushes.

I still prefer old school. The only defective part is me and I can't return that for a new one when it fails to perform.

I had a job interview this morning so I decided to give my teeth and extra good polishing. I had fancy toothpaste and everything. I remembered that my head is usually on the left but the unit was in a strange position and I hadn't used it in so long, and there were new heads, and, and, and, OVERLOAD! I haven't had enough coffee yet to do this much thinking.

Yes, I could have asked my husband. But I didn't want to look like an idiot so I made an executive decision. After brushing, without throwing up, I asked him to clarify which one was his. He replied that his was blue. I said I think I used yours.

He said,"Yours is on the left." To which I replied, "But mine is blue."

He says again, "No, mine is blue yours is gray."

"But yours is black."

"No, mine is blue."

Emphatically, "It looks black, mine is clearly blue. I think I used yours."

"I don't care if you used mine but mine is blue and yours in on the left."

"My left or your left?" Because now I'm getting confused and the conversation is going nowhere. I should have just stopped while I was ahead.

If I ever got ahead with the head issue.

I could have just taken him the head and asked him to point out which head was mine. But sometimes, two heads are not better than one. Given the fact he has a big head when he's trying to make a point, there's very little room for mine most of the time.

"Your left!"

"Okay, so I am blue?"

"No, you're gray, I'm blue."

Well, this was a redundant conversation. Resolved to say that we have agreed to whose is whose. His is very, very dark blue and mine is very, very, light blue. And my brain is black and blue and I hope I used mine, but my teeth are squeaky clean and at the least I can figure it out from this point on.

But I think I'll just stick to old school.

And I'll get back to you on how that interview went!

Shades of gray, or is it grey?

Which is mine I asked

which is

the sonic head that's mine not his?

The left he says

and yes

I asked whose left it was to clear the mess.

He says your left and so

I query

Mine's the blue one is it deary?

No! And sputters you're

the grey

But my left's blue not what you say.

No! He still pontificates

I'm blue!

So then left's not por voux?

That's right you're grey and blue's

C'est moi

Dear black not blue, a clear faux paux.

Je n'en peux plus! Not black!

Mon Dieu!

You're blind if you can't see that hue.

It's clearly black, noir

Not blue

I'm blue, light blue, plain blue, sacre bleu!

I'm grey, you're blue? You're right

We're left

I've used your brush. Oh what the heck.

Fait accompli. It's done

I'll say

For what's it's worth je suis désolé.


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    • Rosemay50 profile image

      Rosemary Sadler 6 years ago from Hawkes Bay - NewZealand

      This sounds like some of the conversations I have with my sister.

      A fun read haha and cute poem. I prefer the old school too.