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You Too Can create Great Headlines For Effective Online Advertising

Updated on June 1, 2012

Why are headlines important in advertising?

Headlines are what make people pay attention to the news, the article on a website, or a result on a search page. Without a great headline that captivates your readers, they are not going to bother going through the rest of the content.

Headlines, specially in advertising are what really make money. According to David Garfinkel, the words in a headline are your salesmen that make your customers buy.

But creating that winning headline requires a special formula. For example, you might have noticed here on hubpages, the articles that start with "How to..." are attention grabbers and people click them more often than other pages. For example, a headline that says, " How To Make Great Videos That capture eyballs and get thousands of views" would get more hits then say, "Video making techniques".

How to create great headlines that are extremely profitable

The most important characteristic of an effective headline is it's message to the reader. It has to tell your readers that you have a solution to their problem, and it should convey the benefits of your product if you're selling one.

Copyblogger provides a template for killer headlines that you can use by just adding words or phrases according to your needs. And Jay Abraham, the marketing legend provides a list of The 100 Greatest Headlines Ever Written.

So in short, if your headline can pull in your readers and buyers into your content or your offer, half the battle is won. A great resource on creating winning headlines that the pro's use is Jim Edwards' Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich.

If you folks have any questions, comments or concerns, leave them in the section below and i'll try to respond to them.


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    • ohohdon profile image

      ohohdon 9 years ago from Yakima

      Though short, this is a very good and informative hub. You've linked to some useful resources, as well.