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Family - Recipes and Remedies for Everyday Living - Green Tip #20

Updated on July 8, 2015

Howdy All!

Those of you who know me, or have been following my weekly articles, know I have a tendency to become distracted, go off on a tangent, become sidetracked, or flat out ramble. But that’s OK. It gives me plenty to write about! As such, this week’s green tip takes a twist in green living, but is no less pertinent for living green than substituting vinegar or baking soda for conventional cleaning products. So, without further ado……

My son opening his high school graduation gift from me.
My son opening his high school graduation gift from me. | Source

Family is a cure-all

Family is the cure-all for stress, disappointment, feeling alone or misunderstood, or any other forces that mess with our psyche. Unless, of course your family is entirely dysfunctional! Face it: every family is somewhat dysfunctional, given the different personalities and mindsets we as individuals possess. But, for the most part, family is a refuge, a calm, a haven. So, now you’re saying “OK, Bravewarrior, get to the point, you’re rambling again! How does family relate to living green?” So glad you asked! Living green is all about living a more healthy, environmentally friendly life. In order to understand or strive for a healthier way of life, you must realize that the most important area in which to achieve and maintain good health is your mind, spirit, and emotions. Would you not agree? (I know, you should never ask a yes or no question, but if you answered “no” to my question, you probably aren’t interested in bettering your life or environment anyway) Ouch! Sorry, but that’s how I feel.

My son and niece sitting on the kitchen floor.
My son and niece sitting on the kitchen floor. | Source
My son and niece.  Little hams aren't they?
My son and niece. Little hams aren't they? | Source

Long time no see

Last summer my sister, who is 10 ½ years younger than I, and my only niece came to visit. I’d not seen them in two years, although we speak on the phone regularly. It was as if time and distance were never a factor. We shared an extreme sense of comfort, well-being and “coming home”. We laughed, played games (I haven’t played Scrabble in decades!), shared memories, anxieties, fears. But most of all we shared Love. God gave us family to act on His behalf in this earthly existence. He makes us strong when someone needs our strength, when life seems to be too much of a burden (and because we are human we have all been there!). And he allows us to take turns so we can be strong for each other, when needed. He gave us arms to embrace those who may need help remembering how beautiful and worthy they are. He gives us silliness and a sense of humor to help those in need to see the other, phenomenal side of life. He gives us tears to shed in happiness and sadness. It’s His way of helping us to “empty out”, as I say, so we can “fill back up”. He gave us family to indisputably recognize that we have a chain of existence, that we have a connecting genetic makeup. When you think about it, genetics are an absolutely amazing reality! Just look at the picture of my son and niece. My sister does not have the paternal genes I possess, nor does my son have the paternal genes my sister possesses, but look at my son and niece! They definitely share my sister’s and my maternal genes! How amazing and miraculous is Life??

As a young adult, friends and fun were more important than family.  That changed once I became a Mom.
As a young adult, friends and fun were more important than family. That changed once I became a Mom. | Source

Ignorance in youth

To be honest with you, when I was young, as the eldest of three, I considered family an interruption in my life. I thought I knew it all and didn’t need people telling me what to do. But now, as a rather seasoned adult, I see my family has been the fortitude behind the person I’ve become. The genetic link God has given us is who I am. And I’m very proud. It’s because of family and what I’ve been taught through the years that I’ve had the strength to help myself, with enough left over to help those who need me and what I have to offer. And we are all in the same boat! God has given us all talents and compassion to be used where it is needed most. And He’s created that through the vast family He has bestowed upon us!! Simply amazing!


So, my point and green tip of this week is to strive for and maintain spiritual and emotional health. Someone besides yourself needs you!

And it all starts with family. God Bless You!

See you next time and remember to cry when you feel it, laugh often and wrap your arms around someone who needs a hug, even if it’s yourself! And never, ever let the Music fade!



Shauna L Bowling

Refining, Defining or Rhyming

All Rights Reserved

© 2012 Shauna L Bowling


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