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In Pursuit of growing up!

Updated on September 9, 2017

Growing up is- when ceilings seems closer.
Loneliness is- living together.
Love is-in the distance,
Honesty is-behind your back,
Lie is- right in front of your eyes.
Blindness is-seeing everything but knowing nothing,
Happiness is- right now,
Fear is- was here & will be there,
Acceptance is- naked,
Reflection is- fashion,
Decision is- state,
Destiny is- a slate,
Regret is- missed high five,
Courage is- leaving the party,
Home is- a vibe,
Sleep is- a break time,
Childhood is- a dream,
Dream is- solved Rubik's cube,
Pain is- a reminder,
Life is- A GIFT.

© 2017 Bhargvi Sharma


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