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Growing Sprout

Updated on April 9, 2017
Missing Wanderer profile image

I'm studying bioengineering. Sometimes I obtain my poetry topics from nature and try to connect it to some of my science subjects

A sprout yet to reveal its beauty

A sprout with beauty we should see

Give it some time to develop

Its growth surely gets our hopes up

This sprout given some time will grow taller

They might possess a flower with attracting color

Plants with different appearance and fragrances

Can be used to decorate our houses

A spout might be small at first

Give it water to ease its thirst

A small plant right now

If taken care of, it might give us a chow

Many people take care of plants

You need to give them a lot of time like infants

It is not simple to look for them daily

You need to know their needs occasionally

Plants give off oxygen that we really need

We cut them off and cannot even replace a seed

They give off woods for construction of houses we own

The process it undergoes of it may come with some stone

The sprout, if grown may give us some shade

Let us not let all our plants fade

Plant a sprout now and help the nature

That way we can still see trees in the future

The leaves of the sprout is green

It may be a bit small to be seen

But it is enjoyable to grow a bean

They also make a beautiful scene

Sprouts have many more to offer

In cleansing the air they’re the answer

A little space in our backyard is all they need

In order to help them grow, remove some weed


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