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Guardian Angels Chapter Two

Updated on March 10, 2011

W. K. Hayes

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Guardian Angels: Chapter Two

John-slash-Invincor had his teammates ride with him in his light blue flying auto. It was funny, actually. Their transport vehicles were made out antique cars with his resembling a ’57 Chevy. However, the vehicles were outfitted with flight thrusters, stealth shielding and an array of alien technology which kept the Guardian Angels off the earth’s radar.

Rewind sat up front in what was normally Night Raven’s spot. Fulcon and Plasma sat quietly in the back seat look out as the vehicle circled past satellites and entered the earth’s atmosphere followed closely by Raven and her crew.

John reached down and tapped a button so he could communicate with Night Raven. “Put my on the loud speaker, N. R.”, he told her before continuing. “Here’ the deal…when we sit down, Ranger is going to head to portal and spy on our visitors. Night Raven, outfit her with the eye-spy gear so we can see and hear what she does. If it turns ugly, Tally will come in and get you out, Ranger. Plasma and myself will provide cover if need be. The rest of you stick close to Night Raven…everybody get that”?

“Yes, sir”, they all chimed. Well, everyone except Night Raven. “This is her first mission and you’re sending her in alone”?

“If we don’t trust them to do their jobs…they won’t trust us when we need them too and right now I need a team that’s going to act like a team”, John replied.

He couldn’t see it but Night Raven smiled as she replied; “Now you’re talking”!

Their objective was some ancient temple hidden deep in the jungles; just a classic place of vines, jungle canopy and unique sounds of creatures unseen. John spotted a clearing big enough for them to sit their vehicles down and prepare for the journey ahead.

“The portal coordinates pinpointed by Tally, suggest that they should be just over this hill in the courtyard of the ruins. Ranger, head on over the hill and get into position…we only have fifteen minutes left to get set up”, John told them. Ranger shot out into the jungle as she made her way towards the temple. After she had left, John laid down some new orders. “Fulcon, try to lock in on her mind and let me know if she gets scared and we’ll pull her out. Night Raven, I want you on the hillside with Fulcon, Tally, rewind and Paragon. You guys are the support team if the rest of us run into trouble”.

“Sure thing”, she replied and turned to look at a bunch of kids with nervous faces. “Hey…if Ranger has the guts to do a solo…ya’ll better step up and get past thinking about negative crap”.

“She’s right guys…let’s have some fun and do our jobs”, Plasma told them. “Ranger’s counting on us to have her back”.

“Definitely”, Fulcon agreed. He closed his eyes for a second and focused on Ranger and even then, it only took him a second to realize she was scared out of her mind. “She’s terrified, Invincor”.

“Reach out to her and remind her that we are right here with her. Keep her company, Fulcon…I’m counting on you as much as I’m counting on all of you. First sign of trouble and Tally, you better snatch her out of there”.

“No problem…you can count on me”, Tally replied.

“I am counting on you…but, her life depends on all of us”, John replied, reaffirming the importance of staying focused. “Night Raven, if crap hits the fan bad enough…I’ll need you down there”.

“You know it”, she replied.

“If her and I fall…the rest of you are to book it back to headquarters and report directly to Watcher”, he told them.

The group headed up the side of the dense jungle hill and Paragon tracked Ranger so he would have her trail and location where she was, ‘blending in’. Tally was constantly playing with wrist collar computer as he tried to keep a close eye on when the portal would open. For tally, timing is everything. Fulcon stayed as quiet as a stone while he remained focused on keeping Ranger, company telepathically.

Once they reached the top of the hill, Plasma and Invincor broke off and began circling the ruins until they felt they were far enough away from Night Raven’s group.

“How long do we have, Tally”, John asked, through his earpiece communicator.

“Any time now”, Tally replied.

In an instant, a blue swirling-gaseous light appeared near the entrance of the temple and through it stepped three human-shaped aliens wearing solid-black leather outfits that covered them from head to toe.

One of them stepped forward and yelled out into the jungle, “Invincor…show yourself”!

John’s mouth dropped open as he quickly shot out of the jungle to stand before them. “Who are you and why are you here”, he asked them.

“Ranger, appear…the rest of you get down here, now”, the man called out through his black leather hood.

“I give those orders…not you”, John told the stranger, pointedly.

“In this moment and time, you do”, the stranger replied as he reached up and pulled his hood off only to reveal he was….John.

“Whoa…what’s up with that”, Ranger asked as she came out of the shadows.

The other two removed their covers to reveal that they were Paragon and Tally. “We’ve come from the future to warn the Guardian Angels”, Tally told them.

“What’s going on”, Night Raven asked John through his earpiece.

“Gather on my position, now”, John replied while dismissing her question.

Within seconds, everyone was rounded up behind John. “Okay…so what’s the pending doom and gloom”, he asked sarcastically.

“This is no joke, John”, Paragon told him as he stepped out from behind the future Invincor.

“Great…good job, Paragon”, Tally scolded him. “They don’t know his real name yet”!

“Well, they do now”, future John replied as he glared at Paragon.

“This is no time for selfish concerns”, Paragon replied. He walked past them to stand eye-to-eye with John and told him, “You guys have to leave here now. Tell the Guardian Angels to leave the visitors to their work”.

“The visitors are you guys popping back in time but what are you looking for”, John asked him.

The future John moved Paragon gently out of the way and replied, “Many millions of years ago, an alien race known as the Urmalaans, found themselves at the losing end of a war with an evil race of beings known only as the, Harahctu, the destroyers. The Harahctu had developed a weapon capable of destroying an entire galaxy. Fearing for their own galaxy, the Urmalaans stole the weapon and brought it here to earth…they never figured that anything of real intelligence would exist on this planet”.

“Then what happened”, present Tally asked as if he was enjoying a great bedtime story.

“Some things never change”, future John replied before continuing, “Earlier this year, in earth’s time, remnants of the Urmalaan came back to earth to seek out the weapon in hopes of putting an end to the Harahctu that, now, have control over their entire galaxy. However, when the Urmalaans arrived here they discovered two things, the human race and that their only hope of stopping the Harahctu had disappeared”.

“So, why shouldn’t we help them find the weapon”, John asked in a serious tone of voice.

“One of your objectives is to find the missing team. John, they’re missing for a reason. They found the weapon but the gifts of one of the teammates interacted with the weapon in a weird way and sent them to where the Urmalaans are hiding from the Harahctu. That would have been a great thing except they appeared without the weapon in hand. The Urmalaan quickly sent another group back to the site where the weapon was accidently discovered by the first team but it was gone”, future john explained.

“When did I become so long winded”, John mused to himself. “Look, cut to the chase…what are we dealing with, here”?

“That teammate from team one is the key to activating the weapon…if the Guardian angels try to rescue her, it could lead to a lot of bad things”, future John replied in short.

“Yea, like the Harahctu coming here and destroying the earth…as well as us”, future Tally interjected.

“He’s right, John…you have to listen to me. Let the Urmalaan move freely to find the weapon. The first team will be returned once Lamplight activates the weapon for them”.

“Lamplight”, paragon questioned.

“Yes, Lamplight is like you in that she was normal until a chuck of meteorite dust took up residency in her as well. That’s how she gets her power to control light and darkness. But, apparently, it’s her ability to control light that affects the weapon”, future John explained.

“How do we know that these Urmalaan are the good guys? After all, they could be using her to destroy an entire galactic civilization”, Invincor asked his future self.

“They are, John…if you can’t trust yourself than who can you trust”, he asked.

“I never trusted myself…you should know that. I trust only what I see and know”, John replied as he became very tense. “So, stop pulling my leg and tell me who you really are.

The three figures melted into one being as John and the team fell back to give themselves some distance. “Tally, get Ranger out of here”, John called out.

“No one is going anywhere”, a deep voice told them as the three formed into a blackened spiked creature of tremendous size and proportion.

“So…I’ll assume you must be one of the Harahctu”, John replied.

The being stepped forward with the sound of thunder and replied, “I am nothing like the Harahctu. I am called, Rox…I am a time traveler and the last surviving member of the Guardian Angels”, the creature explained. I assumed that if I came here in a form more easily recognized then it would help you listen to me”.

“Rox…I work a lot better with honesty”, John replied.

Rox shrunk back down to a more normal human size to stand before John, “We have to leave here, now before the Harahctu arrive”.

“Not until you tell us the truth…Rewind, hook us up and give us the time we need for a better conversation”, John told her.

Quickly, rewind had everyone hold hands and sent them back an hour before any of them had actually arrived there.

“Okay, big guy…start talking”, John demanded.

“Because the Guardian Angels interfered originally, the weapon was lost and the Urmalaans were destroyed. The Harahctu came here by the millions and attacked the earth. The Guardian Angels fought against the endless wave of invaders. Even with all of their combined powers, they could not stop the relentless evil of the Harahctu and the earth was consumed by the war. Both sides took heavy casualties until the Guardian Angels were finally driven out the council was lost forever. But, that’s enough about the future”, Rox told them. “Rewind, you must go back in time and stop the first team from every going to the temple”.

John seemed less interested in Rox’s plan as he interrupted and asked, “Where is the original team now”?

“I don’t expect you to trust me, John…but, you need to. Let her go back and stop the first team thereby stopping all of this from ever happening”, Rox pleaded.

“Rox…you know we can’t do that. If she changes what happens, the repercussions could cause even worse damage”, John argued.

“What could be worse than the loss of human civilization and the destruction of the Guardian Angels”, Roz argued. “Is keeping this time line intact so important to you that you’re willing to sacrifice almost everyone you know. Let me tell you one thing about my ability…I can only mimic people that are alive or your whole team would have walked out of that portal. Now, send her back and time and stop them”!

John rubbed his face on that one and looked at everybody. “He’s right…we have to take the risk”, John agreed. “But, how do you feel about it, Rewind”?

“Why are you asking me…just tell me what to do”, she replied as if she were confused by him having asked her.

John grabbed her by the shoulders and asked her, “Do you think that you can stick to visiting your past self and telling her what’s going on. Maybe if the two of you visit the council together, you can convince them of the truth”.

“I can do it…”, she replied solemnly as she weighed out what consequences doing so may serve in return. “When did the original team go on their mission”, she asked.

“Go back a week to make certain”, John replied.

“That might be a problem”, she replied. “I was on vacation up until two days ago when they recalled me but right before they did, I was out saving lives. If I go back I will be stopping from saving the lives that I did”, she explained.

“Sacrificing a few lives to save the world takes precedence, Rewind”, Roz told her flatly.

“No, it doesn’t”, John replied. “Rewind, take me back with you…I wasn’t busy at the time…you save the lives and I’ll drag myself before the council and warn them. The rest of you head back to base. Chances are, you won’t remember any of this but it’s been a real pleasure meeting all of you”, he told them. “Rewind, you ready”?

“Since you found a well-rounded solution to everything”, Rox said to stop them from leaving, just yet before he continued, “you should know that I can’t leave here…my coming was a one way trip”.

“So, you won’t come here if we go back and stop them…right”, John asked.

“Not exactly…I don’t exist in real time…when you do this and take away the future…you take away my ability to exist there which, in turn, leaves me stuck here…take me with you”, he asked of John and Rewind.

“Sure…but we should get going”, John told them.

Rox, John and Rewind linked hands and disappeared. When they reappeared, they were standing in the council chambers which seemed to be dark and without its members.

“They never leave here”, John replied.

“Did you bring us to the right time”, Rox asked her.

“Yes, and I have to get going…John, figure this out and I’ll return just as soon as I can”, she told him and vanished.

John looked at Rox and then he looked around the empty chamber. “Let’s take a look outside…maybe we can find Watcher”, he suggested.

“I sense something is wrong”, Rox replied.

“What could be wrong…nothing happened on this day…it was actually part of a very boring week until the portals started popping open”, John replied.

“There’s one other thing you don’t know about me…I am a mixture of your entire group…I have all of your powers including Fulcon’s and I’m telling you, something is wrong”, Rox replied.

“Hold on a second…you’re the end result of mixing my team together…how is that possible”, John asked.

“When the council…oh, no”, Rox exclaimed as he figured out what went wrong. “The council sacrificed themselves to save me so that, in return, I might be powerful enough to stop the Harahctu…by me coming here…they’re gone”.

“Does this mena, me and mine might disappear too”, John asked.

“No…since all of you are alive…I am whole but should any of you die it will only serve to make me weaker. Nevertheless, the council is gone”, Rox replied with grievous remorse.

“We have to find Watcher”, John exclaimed.

“I’m right here”, Watcher replied as he stepped out of the shadows. “I’ve been waiting for the source of the council’s disappearance…I figured he might return”.

“This was not intentional”, Rox replied nervously.

“I now know this but without the council…the Guardian Angels can no longer remain hidden and the humans are scared of us”, Watcher replied solemnly.

Rewind burst back into the room panting heavily. “What the devil…I went back to save those people and they started pelting me with rocks before I could run”, she told them as she fell up against John.

As john stood there holding Rewind, he told them, “Well, since the council isn’t here to order the first team to go to the portal…wait a second…something just hit me. If a portal had opened and that’s why they went there, in the first place, then who came there and why if it wasn’t for the weapon”?

“What are you talking about Invincor”, Watcher asked him.

“What started this whole time mess was the fact that a team of Guardian Angels was ordered by the council to investigate a portal that was opened in the first place. According to Rox, when they got there they found the weapon and Lamplight accidently set if off sending them to Urmalaan’s world. So, who opened the first portal and why”, John reasoned.

“Without the council, we may never know”, Watcher replied. “But, one thing is certain…the Guardian Angels are no longer welcomed anywhere near earth”.

“So, what? We pack up our bags and move across galaxy”, John asked sarcastically.

“Not exactly…John, round up your team and get about as human as you can. They might not want us on earth but we need a ground team to keep watch over them until I can get to the bottom of what really happened that day”, Watcher replied.

“I don’t think Rox will fit in among the humans”, John pointed out.

“He’ll be coming with me…maybe together we can figure this out”, Watcher told him and added, “John, it’s very important that you and your group blend in, any way you can. Get regular jobs, homes and stay as low as you can. One of the important things you must remember is to refrain from playing super heroes”.

“We’ll figure something out”, John replied. “I guess round everyone else up and get out of here before they attempt nuking the place”, he added in a honest manner. He looked down at Rewind who still held tightly to him, scared to death and undoubtedly blaming herself for allowing any of this to happen.

“It’s not your fault kid”, John told her with a smile. “Watcher’s pretty smart…he’ll figure this out”.

Rewind pulled herself away from John and told him, “There is nothing to figure out…the council is gone so long as Rox exists”.

“The council lives on through me”, Rox replied. “I will always be here with Watcher, looking over you. Please be careful…the humans are only scared”.

“Has anyone tried telling the humans we’re only here to help”, John asked.

Watcher looked at the ground for a minute, or at least he looked like he was looking at the ground, then he replied, “We tried sending an envoy to the earth to help diffuse any fears they may have. However, one of the soldiers fired his weapon out of fear and before Flashwave could stop himself, he returned fire”.

“Flashwave has seen a lot of fighting through the years…I can’t really blame him for having a hair-trigger. Still, why would the council send him”, John asked.

“He was the only human on hand at the time”, Watcher replied.

John stepped back to think for a minute before he asked Watcher, “Who sprinkled the power dust all over these humans”?

“What do you mean”, Watcher asked him.

“I had never heard about this until today and now that makes the third human, turned super hero, I’ve heard of today…just how many humans were selected for this and by who”, he asked and quickly added, “Was I human too because my memory seems really fuzzy on that”.

Watcher put his hand on John’s shoulder and told him, “Yes…you are. The council wanted a group of humans added to the roster in the hopes that if the earthlings could get used to you guys it would open a door for the rest of us”.


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