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Guidelines To Working With Old Drafts

Updated on December 26, 2013

Unable to Publish your content?

One of the major reasons why you are unable to publish your content is that you sometimes feel that your content is not perfect enough to go publishing. You feel that you will need more ideas to support your argument before you can really put your thought or message across.

What you need to do before publishing your drafts

Before you publish your ideas, it is necessary to develop or well arrange your content for publishing. This means that to add more words and ideas to your drafts in order to gain the confidence to publish your content, you will still need to develop or go back to the old drafts.

The Big Question

However, the question is, How do you develop more ideas to support your drafts when you have completely lost the inspiration to work on your old drafts? In order to write more or come up with more ideas to support the argument in your old drafts, you will still need to have interest and the enthusiasm to work on the old drafts.

Disadvantages of working with old drafts.

The truth is old drafts can be so boring to work with, let alone edit. One of the main reasons why developing old drafts can sometimes be boring is that, once you lose the inspiration for the old ideas it becomes boring to attend to them for further development- especially in the case whereby you have currently gained the inspiration for new ideas. It then becomes even boring to read the old drafts.

The true origin of the boredom

With the previous discussion, you can tell that the boredomn that arises when you are to read old drafts has nothing to do with the old drafts per say. The problem is actually with the fact that you still have not noticed that writing is a big job that constitute different aspects. These different aspects of the working process requires a whole workforce of different specialties to accomplish these different aspects of the writing process. When you decide to do all these aspects all by yourself, you tend to find the whole writing idea boring. Your mind has to keep shifting to orient itself to every part of the writing process, which can be stressful. As a result, boredom sets in. In other words, there is an aspect of the writing process that you can do best. If you can do well to stick to that part, and allow other people to also help in the rest of the work, you can enjoy writing more. In fact, you can find the work more of a hobby than even a job.

The truth about old drafts -Advantages of working with old drafts

Old ideas or drafts do have some advantages that the new interesting ideas do not have. In fact, they give a professional writer some advantages that can help you to churn out more ideas and to publish more ideas than working with new ideas.

You can easily edit and upgrade old drafts

Although boring to working with when working alone, old drafts are easier to work with. You can edit them easily. Old drafts always become a reflection of your mind or thought pattern which makes them easier to edit or arrange as opposed to newly written ideas.

You only need few words to support them in order to reach the required word count (by the article directory) to publish your article.

In fact, their easiness to work with contributes to some extent their being boring to work with. So you can either see that as an advantage to your favor or you can overlook that and let that be disadvantage and not able to publish or share your interesting ideas with your readers.

Making old drafts much interesting to work with

However, you can still make old drafts interesting to work with hence be more productive in your writing. The subsequent discussion will show you how.

Let a friend to identify the errors.

If you feel the old drafts are so boring even for you to read through, you can simply find another person to help you with your editing. You can have a friend who has not read your content before to read through. When you find a person to read your draft for the first time, it is easier for him or her to point out the errors in your content than you can. Mostly you are so used to your own content that it is not just boring but you also cannot even identify your mistakes.

It is a lot easier for another person to identify your errors and grammatical mistakes.

Using Computer Software

If you do not have a friend to do that or if you can’t simply employ the services of another person to do that job, you can simply use MS word or any other appropriate writing software to identify the errors (spelling and grammar) so you can rectify them before publishing. This will help you to overcome that feeling of your content not perfect enough to for you to publish.

Rely on the online community of writers

It is good to work with people. Coming up with the best articles means that you should also be able to subject the content to public scrutiny. You should consider other. Heed the constructive advice of other article writers on the online article directory. They are very good in pointing out some of the inaccuracies in your content. They are practically the first readers of your newly published works.

Escaping boredom in old drafts

One of the ways therefore to escape boredom when working on your old drafts to develop new ideas and merge them into the old drafts. This will awaken your interesting and inspiration in working with old drafts. You can also research and adopt ideas from other related sources to support the ideas making up your old drafts. Whenever you find it boring to attend to old drafts, you could ignite your interest in the articles by reading a material related to the topic to get more fresh ideas.

You need a retentive memory to help you re-inspire your interest in old drafts

New ideas always have roots to old ideas. They evolve from your old written ideas and therefore can always automatically connect to the old drafts and somehow reignite your interest in the old contents. This means that you need a very good retentive memory. With that, the new ideas that you develop can always remind you or reconnect your thoughts to the old ideas hence bringing back the required inspiration to develop the drafts.

Please feel free to give your comment and suggestions below. You can also contact me if you want to write articles for your blogs, website or for any proof reading service. Contact me for also advice and tutorials on SEO or how you can upgrade your website in order to gain more traffic.


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      Great ideas for going over old drafts.