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Guinness Bugs

Updated on August 18, 2012

I wake up

The bugs crawled around me

I kick them off

Whiskey, Whiskey

Whiskey is the way to go

I smell passion fruit

I smell apple

I smell strawberry

I smell the back of your neck

I smell your tattoos

Diane, Irene, Stephanie, Sarah, Aine, Laura.....

And I think it's Sunday

But it's really Thursday

And I'm sleepy

And so are you

But when it comes down to it

Where are you?

And the bugs crawl around me.


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    • Adrian Lavelle profile image

      Adrian Lavelle 5 years ago from Galway, Ireland

      P.S. I am more the positively sure that the neighbors will be hearing me shout Wow!! the the next time I read your work. I have merry drunks living to the left of me and a singer who practices all day on my right, thankfully she's good, I might as well add some colourful sounds of my own, the clattering of keys isn't loud enough for them to hear =D

    • toys-everywhere profile image

      Rachael C. 5 years ago from That little rambunctious spot in the back of your mind :)

      Oh my, I've just gotten such an ego stroke! LOL.

      I appreciate your praise :) No one has ever been so ebullient with it.

      You're right about the picture.

      I will have to listen to that song, then :D

      And, out of curiosity, what is your screenplay about?

      You're definitely correct about writing in one medium.

      And if I ever visit Ireland, I am most assuredly coming to see you!

      I read it again, and it's still a brilliant poem: a work of art to be appreciated, for sure.

      I have been trying to publish more, since I'm taking a break from college this semester. I am pretty happy with my output, however, as well as my seemingly growing number of followers here!

      I look forward to reading more of your work as well, and envisioning you yelling, "WOW!" as you read more of mine (hopefully). :)

    • Adrian Lavelle profile image

      Adrian Lavelle 5 years ago from Galway, Ireland

      Hey Rachael,

      Cheers for reading the poem, to be honest, it came as a flash of inspiration to me...

      I read your poems last night, especially the poem 'Burning Daisies'... that was a real wow factor for me...(As in, I read the poem, and ended up shouting out the word 'Wow' every time I read a line)

      Hence the reason why I wrote the fan mail, I meant every word I said by the have such an evocative structure to your writing that it leaves a burning lingering imprint in the are definitely transcending into a pure punk poet. The most impressive quality about you is that you can change your writing style into any shape or form...short stories, poetry etc...and still be completely evocative. That's the best quality a writer can have.

      I found the picture's something I found in the spur of the moment when writing the poem...I don't know the source but I know it portrays fruition in the most physical manner...

      The poem itself is inspired by a song called 'Beetlebum' by Blur. It's a song I rocked out to as a teenager 15 years ago. It's about the singers turbulent relationship with this chick who sang in a band called 'Elastica'. She pulled him into a turbulent lifestyle of hard drugs and hard living...the song is an ode to her...I wrote the poem whilst listening to the song, putting my own experiences into the poem.

      I'm hoping to write more on Hubpages soon. The reason I've been so quiet is because I'm writing a screenplay and it's taking up a lot of my time, but I'm hoping to get it finished soon...I've found from experience that writing too much in the same medium is never a good thing.

      I'm really looking forward to reading more of your work, you're an amazing writer...never let anybody ever tell you otherwise!!!

    • toys-everywhere profile image

      Rachael C. 5 years ago from That little rambunctious spot in the back of your mind :)

      Lovely poem..., I admire how it inspires the ideas of both companionship and loneliness at the same moment...Great to see you publishing again, Adrian! I definitely hope to see more.

      And thank you for the lovely fanmail :)

      Also, out of curiosity, where did you get that picture? It's marvelous.