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Guitar Freak by Candy J Starr

Updated on March 21, 2019
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When books are the only means to escape, what else is there to do, but read? Reading is a passion and will forever be a means to escape.


A Quick Summary

Title : Guitar Freak

Author : Candy J Starr

Page Length : 162 pages

Summary :

Damo is very career focused and he wants nothing to mess up his tour. He doesn't like drama, mess, or anything that could ruin his band's reputation. So when a woman enters his sound check looking like sex on wheels, he can't help but find her distracting appearance to be something to cause some worry and at first site he wants her gone, only to find out she is the bassist in the opening band. She has talent and he thinks it might be possible to deal with her, especially since it would cost them more money to replace the band than it was worth. After a mishap that causes Polly to help out on stage with Damo and his band, Damo decides to give her a chance, only to find he really wanted her more than he thought. The only problem is her lead singer and ex-boyfriend will not make things easy creating a lot of chaos and drama, everything Damo hates. Will these opposites completely attract one another and survive the chaos, or will they fall apart and ruin their careers?

Review Time (May Contain Spoilers)

At first glance, this book looked like it might be filled with the drama and tension a good romance novel has. The beginning of the book had hinted at lots of good drama and problems. However, I found this to be misleading. I have to say I found a few issues with the book over all. I loved the idea the book rested on, about being centered around rock stars, however, I have a few qualms with the book itself. Let's start with the good.

Everyone loves a good opposites attract love story and Polly and Damo couldn't be more opposite. When they are introduced into the story, you can't help but feel the tension and not in a good way. At first you can't help but wonder what kind of trouble will come from such opposite characters. In fact, it is really exciting thinking of all the situations that could happen because of how opposite they are. I think the characters, though they didn't really seemed too flushed out, where great assets to each other with how different they were. I also like how Miles the lead singer and guitarist in the band Polly plays in and is Polly's ex boyfriend. He seems to have that ego we all think rock stars have and to watch him be so emotional and self centered made my day, even if he has no regard for other's and their efforts and feelings. He made me hope things get even more dramatic. Though he doesn't play to big of a role until the major conflict that creates a rift between Damo and Polly.

This is one the qualms I have. As Polly and Damo seem to get close, Miles doesn't seem to do much other than glare at Polly. I would have loved some more out burst and what not since he seem to truly hate Polly and aim to make her miserable. However, he doesn't do anything until she announces to her bandmates what was going and goes against her wishes and this creates some issues on stage. This creates a problem between Polly and Damo. They are the other problem. I feel that the tension in them was misleading and though she helped out when their bass string broke by stepping in for the bassist, I feel that there should have been a little more drama and fight against their attraction for each other, or for the attraction to slowly grow over time. If felt a little rushed once they started sleeping together. I would have loved a more drawn out romance. I did like how the two wanted each other after Miles got kicked from the tour, but they were too stubborn to deal with each other and their own feelings, waiting for the other to make the first move.

Over all it was a decent book, but it could have been better and more drawn out. It makes me feel like there was just not enough to make it feel complete. It left something to be desired. I would rate this book 3 stars out of 5 stars because it just didn't feel complete. It just felt rushed and didn't give enough to the reader to make it a satisfying romance novel.


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