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Gunnin for you

Updated on January 5, 2010

Gunnin for you

 I got you in my sights

Standing oh so far away

But like a beast in heat I smell you

I inhale your essence

Its the drug that keeps me in pursuit

Standing in my way are beautiful, smart, and ambitious

But the closer I get ;those obstacles are just cardboard figures

Easily knocked down by the right words

I slither past them like a rattlesnake

Tipping them over with my rattle as I pass

I befriend, I lie, I steal, I destroy in pursuit of what is mine

I camouflage myself as sweet, as friend, as one of the guys

Just long enough to plant my bow deep into the heart

To treasure my game

To devour its essence

To stuff it with all the love that I have to give

and to finally place it on a pedestal where it Belongs.



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    • profile image

      ralwus 8 years ago

      I may have to run from you. LOL