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The Gypsies and The Other Realm -Chapter 13

Updated on May 7, 2022
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Fantasy stories about faeries, gypsy history, culture, folklore, myths and legends

Chapter 13

The Big Day!

Before daybreak, Maerie, woke up and was excited to take, Szofi, down to see the faeries.She dressed hastily and ran down the hall to, Szofi's, bedroom, then jumped up and down on her bed until she woke her up. Maerie was anxious for Szofi to come and see her surpise, before the others in the household awakened. Szofi, crawled out of bed and dressed sleepily, she was well aware she was not supposed to go outside until she was married, but she was so caught up in her sister Maerie's excitement and she really wanted to see, Maerie’s surprise.

Maerie, grabbed her hand and they tip toed down the hall and stairs and slipped into the kitchen. Maerie handed Szofi a tin cup whispering they had to get milk from the cow.Then Maerie, grabbed a clay jar full of honey and a hunk of goat cheese. The two of them quietly tip toed out of the house. Szofi looked confused, but still followed, Maerie, to the barn and watched her get milk from the cow, and some grains from the silo. The two of them walked over to the faerie garden, and, Maerie, knelt down and put the food in the cold storage box, and then she whistled low.

A tribe of faeries marched out in single file from the faerie huts, They each were carrying a small magical crystal. Selina appeared riding on Jupiter carrying a small stylish silk embroidered “putsi” and had Jupiter fly up to Szofi's head, and then she gently hung it around, Szofi’s, neck, for the faeries to put the crystals into.

Szofi, was in total amazement, both at the faeries, the improvements to the garden, the pasture with the miniature farm animals and the kindness of each faerie as they flew up to offer her their magical crystals, and placed a kiss on her forehead,and introduced themselves by name, Every fae had offered her a kind sentiment for her future. Szofi, was overwhelmed by the gestures, and thanked each faerie for their kindness.

Maerie, just watched the entire ritual in awe and was so tickled at the faeries. When all the faeries were done making their offering they formed a ring around, Szofi, and danced and sang a faerie wedding blessing to her, thanking her for the faerie garden she, and Maerie, had created.

Selena, realized it was time for, Szofi and Maerie to get back into the farmhouse before they were discovered by anyone, The girls said their good byes to the faerie tribe and watched as they disappeared into their huts each carrying little chunks of the food they had brought and vessels full to the brim with milk.

Neither of the girls noticed, Bavaro watching them from the side of the house, as they slipped back inside, hugged and snuck quietly back into their bedrooms.

Bavaro. Had been on his way to the stable to feed the tinks, when he heard strange music coming from the front of the farmhouse. When, Bavaro, strolled up to the farmhouse he cautiously peeked around the front corner of the building, He saw the two young women kneeling and talking in the faerie garden.

The music had stopped, and he wondered where it had come from, Neither of the women had musical instruments in their hand. Bavaro, was curious as to why the bride-to-be was outside, Gaelic gypsy tradition had it that she was not supposed to be seen by outside family members before the wedding.

The girls, got up and went inside the farmhouse, quietly slipping in through the front door. He cautiously ventured over to the faerie garden to see what the girls were looking at. When he arrived everything looked calm and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. He decided the two girls had wanted to engage in a little private small talk outside, before the wedding today.

Bavaro, meandered back to the stables deep in thought. He was surprised to find that the tinks had already been fed, and Valentino and Victor, were leaning against a stable door silently watching two of his favorite horses eat.

Valentino, announced to Bavaro that he had decided to give these two horse to his son and new wife as a wedding gift to pull their handsome new vardo. Bavaro reassured Valentino, that he had made a good choice, seeing that is older brother was willing to give up one of his favorite horses to the newlyweds touched him. Valentino, confided to Bavaro that he hoped his son’s new bride would be a fitting choice for him and, Bavaro once again reassured him that he was sure he had made a good choice, without revealing he had seen her with her sister outside moments before.

Valentino’s wife, Viktoria entered the stables and quietly stood at Valentino’s side while the three men discussed the wedding event and the prices they were going to ask for their livestock at market in the coming days. Viktoria,went inside the stable to rub the horse down with some sweet scented herbs, then she curried and brushed the tinks, She braided their manes and tails before she hung a leather martingale of brass hearts around each of the tinks necks as a good luck talisman for the newlywed couple Viktoria,asked Valentino to go wake the boys and She would wake the girls and have them wash up and come help with the chores and breakfast. She whisked out of the stable anxious to start the day.

When Mariska, Livia and Violet arrived, Viktoria, sent them into the dining room and out onto the porch to wipe and set the tables. She asked Oberon’s wife Blossom to tend to the flapjacks. Viktoria asked some of the other women in her tribe to prepare the syrup, cream the butter, pare and sllce and fry the potatoes, make biscuits, slice the breads, and open some of the jams and jellies. Some of the younger boys were sent to gather baskets of fruit from the gardens and orchards. Bavaro's twin girls, Rosalie and Lilith offered to go to the hen house and collect the eggs.

Viktoria, went to check on her, boys,Rudolpho and Robin and they were happily playing on the porch with some kitchen utensils and pans, Patsy had set out for them. Viktoria, set to the task of slicing the meats for breakfast and cooking them in a cast iron skillet. When Bavaro’s girls arrived with the eggs she whisked them in a bowl and added some tomatoes, green peppers, onions, cheese and chunks of cut up fried meats.

She had Livia call in the men for breakfast by ringing the dinner bell, and sent, Maerie, up to her sisters room with trays of food for her aunts, grandma and cousins. Patsy, had taken time out from the kitchen work this morning, so she could visit relatives and her daughter.

Viktoria, asked the boys to fetch the milk from the goats and cows, when they returned with the baskets of fruit, and she sent Mariska out to gather flowers for the table decorations and Violet sorted the fruit while, Viktoria, hulled strawberries and arranged fruit trays.

The other women in the kitchen set the trays of prepared food on the buffet, made the tea and coffee, sliced the cheeses, and set out other delicacies. When, Mariska, returned with the flowers, she was assigned to arrange them in the crystal vases and set them on the dining room table. Livia squeezed oranges into a crystal juice pitcher and when the boys returned with the milks, she poured them out of the buckets into crystal pitchers as well.

The men were drifting in and were seated at the dining room table.The morning prayer rituals were delivered after everyone was present. Many, hurried through breakfast and then rushed off to prepare for the wedding this afternoon. The women cleaned up and washed the dishes quickly. Patsy, returned to a clean kitchen, and happily continued preparing the wedding feast, while, Viktoria, and her crew decorated the house and yard.

The men constructed a platform, out of wood and constructed a gazebo with an arch made of wood for the couple to be married under. The younger men white washed the wood. They built picnic tables and benches for the wedding guests to sit at during the ceremony and they were whitewashed as well. These tables and benches could be used for other occasions in the future. By mid-morning the building and painting were complete.

The newly built vardo had arrived before Valentino's tribe had arrived here and was stored in one of the stables. Some of the men brought it out and polished it, and a few of the women dusted and put the final touches in it. The tinks were hooked up and she was ready to roll.

Patsy, had completed the wedding cake when Viktoria peeked in on her and she was happily lickjng and sharing frosting bowls, spoons and spatulas with Rudolpho and Robin.They were delighted to help her and a happy mess of frosting..

Viktoria, and the other women took a break to clean up and wait for the paint to dry before setting the tables and finishing the decorating. Viktoria, asked the girls to gather more flowers, get cleaned up and to also, clean the twin boys up and dress them for the wedding, as well. before she meandered out to catch up with Brutus and see how he was holding up.

Brutus was clean as a whistle and dressed sharp. She thought he looked incredibly handsome and unusually calm. He sported a long tailed black silk coat, and black satin slacks with a white satin peasant shirt and black silk bow tie. He sported a silk top hat and brand new patent leather black boots, a gift from, Valentino.

Viktoria, had, had the suit designed and hand sewn by Stefan’s mother, Angela. She pinned a corsage of wildflowers to his lapel, a gift made from the women in the tribe, that would match the bride to be’s bouquet.He smiled at the gesture and kissed his mother on her forehead thanking her for all she had done for him.

Valentino and Viktoria, presented Brutus with the new vardo and tinks.Brutus was beside himself with gratitude,he hugged them both several times.He hoped his new bride would be as excited as he was about their new home.The other men and boys began to gather around and admire his new vardo and rib him a little about his upcoming nuptuals.Viktoria took this opportunity to excuse herself and go get ready for the wedding.

Mariska, had asked Selena to perform a little magic and decorate for her mom, she thought her mom looked a little tired today. When, Viktoria, arrived at the wedding site, she marveled at what Selena had done for her. The whole area looked magical, she did not even have to tend to any details. Mariska, arrived with Violet, Livia, Rudolpho and Robin, and they all looked perfectly clean and adorable in their wedding clothes.

Viktoria, looked in on Patsy, and offered to finish anything she had left to do so she could spend time with her daughter and help her dress, before the wedding. Surprisingly, Patsy had everything ready to go, so she could just relax and enjoy her time. Viktoria, went and dressed,and then she took the twins outside for a walk over by the faerie garden.


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