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~Has The Whole Darn World Gone Mad~

Updated on January 14, 2012


Addressing life from a little girls perspective...



I'm just a young girl in a very large world

of pollution, confusion, illusion, with no retribution

tick tock, times running out, leaders of the world

are losing their clout

distressed! is how I'm feeling living in a world of hate and killing

children of the future with blood on their hand, killing oneanother makes them think their a man

poverty! has stricken the people, making them resort to doing things illegal

get real! stop living in a fantasy, give the world back their long lost dignity

children, should be happy not sad, has the whole darn world gone mad?

people cross continents to be in a war, I know of people dieing right out my front door, homeless and hunger in the land of the free and there still producing children into poverty

welfare! is more than just a state of mind, some of there recipients are from the unemployment lines

I'm not laughing I don't think its a joke, the whole darn worlds gone broke, the whole darn world is gone broke

I don't have to be told not to be in a gang, my times to precious for that kind of thing, the game called house, no I'll never play, little girls like me don't go out that way

kissing and hugging No! I'm not the one, raping education is my kind of fun, other peoples misfortune makes some of us glad, has the whole darn world gone mad, the whole darn worlds gone mad



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    • profile image

      Vicki Acquah 6 years ago

      Karen re-edit this very nice poem ..check your there's which means "there is"or "their" meaning belonging to.