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Have You Ever Wanted to Paint That Perfect Portrait with the Tangled Flowers?

Updated on August 16, 2016

An array of flowers

flowers | Source

Have you ever wanted to paint that perfect portrait with the tangled flowers? Have you ever wanted to look at a picture with tangled flowers and immediately name them? Have you ever been with a group of people and wanted to show off your expertise by explaining a beautiful portrait to them?

The ability to transform a graphic image of a perfect portrait to a realization on a canvass by an expressive ability transcends inner abilities by giving it life. An image of that perfect portrait lives by its clarification from bodily emotions of others' opinions, meanings, or beliefs. It's measured spiritually by its breath, width, and height.

Have you ever wanted to experience that ability? The ability to recognize our talents and how far we can take them requires a self-awareness in recognizing others' talents first. Self-awareness is an extension of our elemental belief in something; it can be quite different or unique. The common ground of connecting our self-awareness with our ability to achieve is what I call a learned quality.

Quality is a reflection of how well one achieves its task or goal. I often reflect on ways to improve my outlook in life. Quality of life mean many things to many people. It could mean pocessing the right skills to land that prefect job opportunity. It could allow a person to finally give up a bad habit that has hindered progress in health and well-being. It could also help a person ponder the possibilities of starting a new career they never imagined before. Reaching for quality of life that produce characteristics from one's culture, often lead to a form of spiritual attachment.

In order to get a deeper meaning of spiritual attachment, an individual has to learn how to correspond that meaning by right attitude and behavior. Right attitudes of being e.g. shy, hip, bold can induce right feelings of behavior if the culture embraces these characteristics as good. If this culture induces characteristics of self-centeredness as right, then communications become one-sided, values and beliefs are misplaced; people need to be better trained and educated so communication flows.

What does recognition, reflection, and realization really mean? Is it a correlation of how one sees the world? Does it influence our ability to develop coping mechanisms to protect us from illness and disease? Will it allow us to know when to build and what to include in our building model? Yes, it encourages us to be seekers and searchers so that we can focus on what we learn as well as what we come to know as truth.

To recognize difference in spiritual substance is knowing its integral proponents. Its a belief that different levels of how one manages activities bring accomplishment and reward. A christian scientist manages work different spiritually than a philosopher. Would one see a christian scientist rallying at a convention, or a philosopher working at a science fair? Yet, the law of statures acknowledge each artist's experience in terms of spiritual even though it in itself is hardly spiritual.

Empirical relationships embody a form of spirituality showing e.g. mirth or sadness through writing from reflection. The variables that reflect value and meaning ethnically integrates what we learn by what we know. By encompassing a more spiritual approach our life and purpose can receive further instruction for a more purposeful existence.

Being spiritual and realizing one's belief molds character and builds culture. It's embedded in common causes, our protests and our conceptualization of time. Traditionally, being spiritual was heritage allotted the Jewish culture. Because of misuse and unbelief, circumstances from life's lessons changed the playing field, other cultures were grafted in the family of religious beliefs and spirituality was the gift everyone received with that belief. The saying “faith without works" is the truth. Characteristics of shyness or boldness sometimes remain and we hesitate to act on our beliefs, but realizing this is beneficial in the long run. Once that realization is acknowledged, the potential to “do the right thing” encourages a mentality that's healthy for the mind and body.


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