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HCs Fresh short stories for kids - 2

Updated on February 8, 2010

Friend in need is a friend indeed

A 12 year old boy, named “ShineMaster”, lived in a small town called Longport.

He was a very nice and helping kid. He would attend school from 9 to 12 and then go out in the town to do these two help tasks regularly:

- Elder and blind people cross roads

- Collect leftover food from homes and feed to homeless

The only problem was that he never found time to make friends of his age however he had a lot more of old age.

One day he was passing by a park and noticed 4 boys of his age playing in the park. He had completed his tasks early that day and so went up to them to join in play. The other boys welcomed him and added him to their team

Now everyday, he would finish his helping and volunteering tasks and then go to these boys to play. He noticed that everyday 2 boys (names: Smalljoe and Cowardbow) of those 4 would speak proudly how their friendship is oldest for 5 years among all of them and other 2 would feel uncomfortable about that part of the discussion.

Well days passed by and became a good friend to all of them. Everything was going great that until one day, Shinemaster saw Smalljoe standing shivering in front of a lion and Cowardbow sitting up in the tree watching the lion and Smalljoe. The boy understood the situation and signed Smalljoe to stand-still. Then he went to a nearby telephone booth and called up the city police office. After making plan with the police, he ran to a nearby shop and picked a whistle and drum while explaining the items to shopkeeper.

He put the drum around his neck and whistle in his mouth and ran back to park making a lot of noise with the two things he picked. The lion got nervous and ran away. The city-animal catching team had arrived by then. They captured the lion, and took him away to leave him back in jungle.

Smalljoe felt relaxed and thanked Shinemaster for all the help. He also said to other boys that though he is been friends with Cowardbow for 5+ years, he feel more proud to have Shinemaster in his life. This was amazing lesson for cowardbow and he felt sorry for not helping his friend.

This was a great lesson that those, who help others in need, are the real friends to make.

Story finished.




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