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Holy Spirit "Frisk Me" (Poem)

Updated on September 18, 2013

Holy Spirit I surrender myself to You

Arrest and take me into Your custody,

Take me into Your immediate care

Frisk me for all unrighteousness,

Search my heart and know it

Try my thoughts too,

I entrust myself to You

I believe that You are the enforcer of righteousness, and

I believe that You will ensure that I walk uprightly

I declare You to be my arresting officer,

Pat me down for the unfruitful works

Of the flesh which can lurk in my members,

My desire is to be transported out of the flesh

Into the spirit realm,

Usher me into the presence of the Father

I repent of any obstructive way in me,

My goal is to commune with God and

I don’t want anything to hinder

My pathway to the throne of grace,

Clear the way by arresting

Everyway in me that can hinder my course,

Grant me the permission, if my heart is clean

To proceed forward by the blood of Jesus,

My purpose is to commune with the Heavenly Father.


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