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Updated on November 1, 2012
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Words of shallow psychopathic thought~

Selfish from the start~

A hurricane head trip of craziness~

Will always keep us apart.

Japanese Maple Tree shocking with fiery leaves~

Against the fog filled dreary day as the hurricane draws near~

I ache with pain as sadness~

Comes from realistic fear!

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Yes eight years have passed~

Than one hopeful long year has now gone by too~

The grey clouds blend muted~

Against the soot colored sky, my eyes have dried now, my tears few.

The wind is wet with misty rain~

There is no sun to brighten my eyes~

Silence but for the furious wind with the cracking of the occasional limbs~

Is maddening as deserted I feel, numb, with not much left to cry.

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There are those that step up to the plate~

Whom do what is right at least before the end of their days~

Yet alas most of the trees that blow hard bent in this storm~

Are mostly old ones that now violently sway, as your time is up at a locked gate.

No birds to be seen~

Not an animal in sight~

Yet dialing your number comes once again into my mind~

I quickly brush it away, as my thoughts are forced to take another flight.

On and off we were~

With the same issues we do at least concur~

I see the surroundings one way~

While you another, I am caught perpetually in now a downpour afraid to even stir.

As the pavement I walk upon~

My heart feels raw, dampened by the cold~

The gale is there coming closer and closer~

I cringe, feeling as though my soul could just fold.

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Distance there is now between I and the tall evergreens~

While you are never here, alone I am my Dear~

I yearn for saplings to spurt from the leaf covered forest floor~

My youth slipping away as time goes by its stole, I am helpless my way to even steer.

My hope doth wane~

At times my faith diminishes with despair~

A stretched out hurricane threatens to wipe out all~

I am reminded that GOD never said life would be fair.

When that mournful reality night did come~

I said my deepest feelings I have suppressed deep, deep down~

The darkness over took the light~

Yet an endless giving spirit was all that in me was found.

While two wines in me~

I voiced the words late in the darkest of times~

They babbled out of me like they really weren’t mine~

I than blocked it out by focusing intently on the white birch that stayed more motionless~ From its leaves all spilt; I grow more tranquil with this find a suppressed fit.

May the truth be told~

I hold you to blame~

You are the broken tree limb that should had healed in place~

But no you wished to be on your own being thirsty for pointless fame!

Yet you never understood~

Or if so admitted you never would~

Like the sodden rock that is too heavy to be in arms way of the hurricane~

You have been stubborn on your sopping soaked ground you have always stood!

Tiz now too late~

Your friendship is understated~

I begged for your attention as thee showery rain halted~

Like the sun on this drizzly windy day, you had never the time as I always politely waited with dismay.

There shall be only quietness now~

My heart as the years of duration is now still broken~

The hurricane has come and went~

As it has done much damage to the trees, washed out the path and left my being as only a token in a latent aftermath breeze.

Words of shallow psychopathic thought~

Selfish from the start~

A hurricane head trip of craziness~

Will always keep us apart.


Lisa J. Warner


Lisa Luv

CopyRight10/27 /2012@LisaLuvLLC



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