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Haikus of Fortitude

Updated on July 27, 2017
yoursflo profile image

Flo is in love with composing haiku. In her ramblings and musings, she also writes on a variety of topics. Thoughts just flow limitless!

"He fell in love with you," - beautiful words that prick my heart and that remind me that a love story doesn't always have to be romantic... sometimes, it can be a love story that echoes your purpose, one that makes you realize struggles are okay, bearing priceless fruits at the end of each day.

I have a demanding profession that tests my patience and understanding heart day by day. I was able to pen this poem because of an encounter with a special child who lovingly approached me and wanted to stay near me as if I am a close family member. This was after I greeted him with a warm smile and hello. This child is particular with the people he meets according to the father, but with me, as the father remarked, "He fell in love with you".


Once upon a time

there was a reluctant lass

who paddled in vain.

Then one day in one

of her musings and cruisings

huge waves came rolling.

She thought t'was the end

of her sorrows and regrets,

what a fateful end!

But isn't it what

she longed for some time ago,

her tired, restless soul?

Stormy was the night,

Morning came in calm delight,

obscuring her sight.

The lass paddled more.

Frustrated for wretched life,

why it can't connive!

An isle showed afloat

as if waiting endlessly

for someone to know.

And so the lass jumped

in a state of oblivion,

repenting despair.

A journey now etched,

time had been instrumental,

the call of the seas.

Settling in the isle,

the lass still often wonders,

one cold night's magic.

Struggles are villains

that try fearful, dubious hearts.

Mettle always wins.


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    • yoursflo profile image

      Flo 6 months ago

      You're welcome! Thank you, too for your good words. I will definitely write more and share my poetry whenever I can.

    • threekeys profile image

      Threekeys 6 months ago from Australia

      How touching is your story. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with us.