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Hail Caesar

Updated on October 15, 2009

The inspiration for this hub came my relative Julie who I must confess is a fan based on the fact that she's read all the books in the Kahana Chronicles series and still looks forward to the rest of the series when they become available. Now that's a true fan. Because I live in New Zealand, our television tends to be a season behind what is presently on view in the United States but fortunately I have someone like Julie that keeps me informed of developments that relate to the Kahana Chronicles. Most importantly, she looks for any supporting evidence that provides a level of confidence to the stories I write. Which isn't an easy task since my books go against what are currently mainstream beliefs, especially when those stories are concerned with someone like Nostradamus. The most common criticism when an author provides what is considered as alternative history is that the stories are merely fabrications. "A vain attempt to tie events to situations that never occurred," as most seasoned and toe-the-line historians would proclaim. After all, in order to preserve their university positions, their publishing contracts, their research grants, they must bend their investigations to the will of the reigning powers that be. That is the nature of academia and having been a senior lecturer and associate professor at a university I know how the system works and will freely admit that uncovering the truth is not necessarily the mandate of the curriculums. Today Julie sent me the following adverstisement from the History channel. At first reading it may seem a little ho-hum but the significance as I will explain in relation to Shadows of Trinity is phenomenal.

She sent me the following blurb: In 1994 a secret manuscript hidden in the Vatican Library revealed a previously unknown apocalyptic prophesy credited to history's most notorious seer, Michel de Nostradamus. Where did this "Lost Book" come from and who was its author? The answers to these questions might help establish whether the horrible illustrations in the book point to mankind's violent end. Although the book's cover displays the name Michel Nostradamus, some believe the true author is his eldest son, Cesar. Was Cesar Nostradamus also a prophet? One who struggled with his own visions? Did he, like his father, operate in the shadow of a powerful and unforgiving Church? And was he, too, cursed with the ability to see mankind's doomed future in order to warn future generations?

Nostradamus Effect

Episode: Son of Nostradamus

Saturday, October 24 03:00 PM


The Insignificant Son

 In most accounts of Caesar de Nostradame he was described as nothing more than a petty bureaucrat, a town magistrate, that never amounted to anyone of significance in his own right.  His father's astrolobe  the Church said was nothing more than an adornment on his mantlepiece as he had no abilities of his own and if it wasn't for his father leaving behind his prolific writings for his son to publish, Caesar never would have been able to earn a living.  Furthermore, the Catholic Church said he was a non-descript parishoner that may have been weakened in his beliefs by his Judaizing father but was still in that respect harmless.  In a few words, a person of little prominence or significance that only survived through the legacy of his father.

Of course Shadows of Trinity ( has a completely different description of the man.  Not only was he the key to deciphering his father's quatrains, as Yakov Kahana describes, he was probably far greater than his father could ever be.  Over the years of putting together stories within the family, searching through piles of anecdotal material and listening to what the elders in the family would refer to as the legend passed down to them by their grandfathers, I was able to piece together the plot of Shadows of Trintiy and it was immediately apparent that Caesar de Nostradame was the furthest thing from being a nobody.  Where the main characters of the story all had reason to be at odds with the Catholic Church; Giordano Bruno because he was a rogue, Yakov Kahana beause he was far more righteious than anyone in the clergy could claim, it was still Casear de Nostradame that they feared the most. 

Using over a dozen of his father's quatrains, Caesar was able to resolve the rash of murders that was taking place in the late 16th century in Prague and in so doing earned the perpetual animosity of the Church.  Finding a serial murderer during a time period when the equivalent of a CSI didn't even exist, overcoming the superstition and fears that were inbred into an uneducated public, Caesar proved himself to be a far greater adversary than Pope Sixtus V had ever anticipated.

Coincidence? Hardly!

So when The History Channel announced that they would be doing a show on Caesar de Nostradame it is with a level of self satisfaction and vindication that I say it is about time. As I mention on my web page concerning the family legends, a family doesn't go through all the trouble of preserving a legend for the sake of having a record of a good fictional tale or a myth for entertainment value only. Certainly distortions and embellishments occur over time but the essential kernel of the story remains the same and with time and a bit of luck it does finally get confirmed. So in answer to the History Channel's questions, let me provide the answers ahead of their show:

Was Cesar Nostradamus also a prophet? Most certainly and though they may pertain their show only to the Lost Books of Nostradamus, it is with the voice of my ancestors that I suggest read Shadows of Trinity and just see how great a prophet he could have been!

One who struggled with his own visions? The truth was he struggled constantly. Throughout Shadows of Trinity it is his struggle which attempted to overwhelm him to the point of paralysis, keeping him in the dark shadow of his overbearing father.

Did he, like his father, operate in the shadow of a powerful and unforgiving Church? Once again I can only suggest you read Shadows of Trinity and you will appreciate the battle he conducted against this very powerful and unforgiving Church. The strength which he had to summon and displayed in order to keep the Holy See at bay was far greater than his father ever found necessary. Without the Royal protection of the crown that his father enjoyed, Caesar had to employ his wits to strategically outmaneuver his enemies.

And was he, too, cursed with the ability to see mankind's doomed future in order to warn future generations? Let me simply respond that his ability to see the future as shown in my book suggests that neither his father's nor his abilities were ever about warning future generations, but something far more important.

Enjoy the show, I know I will when it's finally available in New Zealand. But more importantly recognize that this was no coincidence. This was no stratling revelation of some academic historian that found this book hidden in the Vatican archives. All this discovery proves is that The Kahana Chronicles are not only steeped in hidden truths and secret histories but that they are finally being revealed.


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