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Harsh Cold Reality - How Bad Does It Have to Be

Updated on July 6, 2016

Rainbows and Sunshine

Like the song says, by Lynn Anderson - I beg your pardon. I never promised you a rose garden. Along with the sunshine, there has got to be a little rain sometime. As I look up the lyrics to the song, I see that it has been changed a few times to modernize the lyrics.

There's a version by Kon Kan that really takes it to the 1980s. Literally. I heard this song when I was a kid, maybe twelve years old. I learned how to strum the chords on my 6 string guitar and would sit outside my house and practice singing it. I do not do singing as a career...

Marriage and Small Talk

Marriage is one of those things that sometimes is misrepresented. Are you going to get married? Is a question people are asked when they are seen together. Are you going to have kids? Is another.

Those comments are meant to jolt the truth out of someone. Provoke small talk. It's not always an advantage to be married and not always an advantage to be single. It's the longing. The harsh reality of being noticed and judged. Being a part.

Being a Part

Sometimes when you have problems with your partner, it seems that you should blame whatever force brought you together. Perhaps. In some countries, there is an arranged marriage. There could be advantages and disadvantages to that.

If you have been close friends with someone else up to that point, the pain you will experience because of the loss of your friend, will be hard to over come. With that loss, comes fear. With that fear comes regret. Longing.

Life Changes

Ain't that the truth. You can never count on life to be consistent. Life changes every second. You have to be on your toes and ride the waves of the ocean of life.

Be flexible. Bend with the wind. Be ready for any challenges in your path. Take a deep breath and relax for a moment. That moment of tense will be back as soon as you are done with your breath.


Life, itself, is a continuum.

You're conceived. You grow in the womb. If someone doesn't decide to kill you before your are born, you are born. You are raised by two people you have never met before. Hopefully the three of you will get along.

Sometimes you will. Sometimes you won't.

Then, you grow and get bigger and bigger, until one day, they announce that you are all grown up. Then, you either find someone to continue the life spectrum with a family of your own, or you pick someone that shares the same ideas, same feelings, same body style.

It should make no difference to anyone else what path you choose. Your path is your path.

Harsh Cold Reality

Nope. You are not allowed to choose for yourself.

Your peers will choose for you. Either by welcoming you into their circles or by shunning you.

Small Mistakes vs Big Mistakes

Many will make mistakes along their way through life.

Some mistakes are little mistakes and some mistakes are big mistakes. Little mistakes are when you go over the speed limit.. It's 55 miles per hour and you are driving 65. This is a small mistake. Most people will play follow the leader when they are driving and will edge their speeds up to match all the other drivers in the vicinity.

Then, there are big mistakes. Car accidents caused by some choice you made previous to climbing into the car. Perhaps you had a few drinks. Those drinks clouded your judgement and either made you drive more fearlessly through the aggressive road conditions or, added to your personal aggravation with the other drivers.

The harsh cold reality of that is, if you enter into a situation where you are the recipient of an accident, every factor will work against you.


The news is always filled with bad news.

How bad the news is, depends on your life situation.

There was the boy who fell into the gorilla tank. We all know what happened to the gorilla. Thank someone that the boy wasn't killed, although the news showed the gorilla playing with the kid. Playing with the kid: well, dragging him through some shallow water with some force.

Hopefully, the child did not receive any head injuries from the bottom of the pool.

Zoo's seem like such a calm place to take your kids. Learn about life. The harsh reality is that when you get there on a hot day, the stench of urine and feces almost makes you want to get back in your car and leave. Then, if you are pushing a stroller, you have to exert yourself to push this child through. It's hard for the child to see anything from the stroller.

Remember: this is a small person, who someday will be pushing a stroller of his own. Continuum and whatnot.

Who knows what the child will gain from the experience. He knows that someone may protect him from danger. He may understand that he was instrumental in causing the initial danger. He may learn from it. It may be a part of his mentality for a long time. Maybe even until the day he dies. He will also find out that the news media has taken away from his experience.

The harsh, cold reality is that people form opinions on life events and perhaps will talk about the experience for months to come.. The small child will be singled out. It will affect his life.

The harsh, cold reality bites.


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