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Have you thought about your own Life's compartments?

Updated on November 25, 2010

 Compartments, described as partitions in a room.  A place may be created with several rooms so as to keep things in order.  Objects that compliment each other are placed in one room, Those who cannot blend are in a separate room, and everything else follows.

It’s always a chaos to just put everything in one space without thinking.  You just can’t place your clothes in a closet wherein  you also place your baking utensils; you don’t bring dishes inside the bathroom as well as you don’t place your detergent inside the refrigerator.  So things have its proper places..

So does in our lives.  Not all things that we love, people, jobs, hobbies or things can be mixed up or shared. Each of them have a particular compartment in our lives,  and their value are represented by the size of the compartments we reserve for them.

In making a compartment, there is no standard rule, but only few objectives; to minimize confusion and to promote orderliness. We compartmentalize according to our own point of view, sometimes our major decisions forced us to separate one from the others. We are one single body who wants to welcome everything in our lives, so we compartmentalize for our own comfort zone…

Not all that we love can go along together

My first Compartment my priority compartment

My life has several compartments. Each room consists of people and things valuable to me. My biggest compartment contains all my great loves and priorities. It is the compartment of those who are very parts of my life, from the moment I wake up in the morning until I go to sleep. These include my Dogs; because they are the only love ones waiting for me to come home, my house because it reminds me of my parents and my everlasting love for them, Me-I-Myself because I believe that I should love myself first in order to learn to love others, and last but not the least GOD, because inspite of some loopholes in my life and blemishes in my being that I neglect to wipe away, I know he is there….. and I can never hide from him….. he sees the other part of me that is not usually visible to ordinary human being…..he has seen the worst in me, but he is there I know, waiting….

My Life's compartment 4 years ago

My Second Compartment, my Privacy

2nd biggest room occupant in conflict with occupants of another compartments

My second biggest compartment, is my most confidential room. Sealed by a padlock
it means no one is allowed to intrude in my privacy. Everything about it is my choice and I’m responsible to it. I know what I am doing and I don’t owe anyone an explanation. That box contains my lovelife….it occupies the 2nd biggest space because the person involved is my constant companion when I am not home. He somehow brightens some gloomy part of my life, and we are enjoying ourselves at the moment….It’s better to leave him alone in a separate room so as to avoid conflict with those in the other rooms.

Some compartments contains love ones whose distance was never a barrier for a stronger love. These are the people whose love for me has overcome the test of time, and the invisible bond is always in the air…but of all my compartments, these rooms have a huge division from the 2nd biggest room. Both rooms are very close to my heart but I learned to accept that occupants of each can never be blended…maybe not this year, not in the near future, I’m not sure after 10 years? or maybe not in this lifetime.

My other room contains my talents, things that I really love to do which I thought everybody is capable of doing… Just recently I realized my own uniqueness; my capability to write and express arts.. My creativity does not end in the building and fixing of words, it became an obsession to sketch or draw something and use them to support my write ups.  This room though no conflicting effect on the occupants in other rooms, is surprisingly unknown to some….I mean maybe they knew but they just lack appreciation, some think I am in a wrong world, some were already focus to their own greatness… while some… are simply contented with my affection that they can’t look beyond anymore…. the occupant in my 2nd room thinks it’s too profound, he can’t just get it…(really funny but it’s okey)

Some remaining rooms of my life where obviously smaller, simply because what it contains are important but not as special as those in other rooms….These are the rooms that brought pain in my life, and no matter how I dislike to stay there, I don’t have a choice but to go there, and take whatever it offers…but in fairness, this imperfections seasoned my capability… it made a flexible person in me, who learned to work not only on what she likes but also to the least she likes.

My Compartment changed after 5 years

My Present compartment reflects a happier me

So life’s compartment may change as times go by….. some of those in the smaller room may be soon find in the bigger room. Some rooms may be locked forever or will be renovated for new occupants. Some rooms will be opened…and Some will simply go….with no trace at all. So the compartment in our lives, It’s all in us….it’s all depend on us.

My present compartments now are more of my life's priorities than rooms to minimize conflict. My biggest compartments remains the same, but it is now followed by my passions because it contributes to the good feeling that I have now, followed by love ones and friends, for they are the people that give me so much pride and fulfillment in this lifetime.

I provided bigger space for my work, office and officemates because there is so much improvement in that area of my life....suddenly all resentment is gone and working is really light.   I provided a Compartment for the people involve in my passion, My dog community group and fellow writers group... soon some people in this group may transfer to a love ones and best friends rooms, 

I still provided a small room for the area of love, I still have hope maybe but I don't expect.


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    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 7 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks so much I guess that's what make hubpages really special, because there are too many writers here and yet you can see how different they are in hearts and in styles but all are good writers. I can see your depth too in just one work of yours, and I going to read the parts 2 and 3, goodluck for both of us and happy hubbing..

    • Poohgranma profile image

      Poohgranma 7 years ago from On the edge

      This is just a wonderful, thought provoking write. Its all true but not something I'd given conscience thought to. I think I've kept the pain in the basement too long and it has been rotting at my foundation. I can, thanks to you, bring it out and put it in a compartment where I can look at it on occasion and then close that door. You are a brilliant writer!