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Having A Fan To Keep Me Cool

Updated on June 21, 2012

Technology Has Come Along Way

Everyone has air conditioners today

Portable air that can go anywhere

The comforts of joy in one box

We can go from hot and sweaty to instant cold in seconds

Now that is the gift at our finger tips

The older generation would say they liked it better years ago

A simpler time

Things were tougher but we appreciated so much more

Now the children of today take everything for granted

They get picked up and dropped off where we had to walk

They always had all the conviences to make life easier

The microwave a meal in 300 seconds

A washer and dryer at a push of a button

The heat with turn of a dial

Every t.v. program that exsists on 300 channels or more

Movies that never end

Music in your hand

A mini terlephone that can call around the world

Super grocery stores where nothing is forgotten

All your meats can be bought for the month and stored in a freezer

You can hop on a plane and fly to Aruba

You can drive a car over a hundred miles an hour

Five churches can be found where years ago there was just one

Doctors and prescriptions both seen and filled in the same day

A dollar store where a thousand things are all the same price

Lawnmowers that you don't need to push

Computers that bring information from around the world in a blink of an eye

Every game you ever want to play at a glance

Why oh why isn't every one as happy as me

I have lived through the depression and going without was common practice

We never asked for things and we were never disappointed

Christmas was a time with the family not a living room department store from wall to wall

Holidays were spent at home not working late until the night

When you died there were three days of grieving and consoling

Now you die and can be buried before the sun sets

There are so many changes who knows whats good and what isn't

All I know is I have lived and seen it all

When my time comes you won't have to worry by then I will call

Leaving you with a few words of advice

Love more and worry less


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