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Having Fun

Updated on August 31, 2013
Danka' and Clyde
Danka' and Clyde

Having Fun!

They are so different,
And yet they're the same
These creatures of farm
Playing in the rain
It doesn't matter 
What color or hide
If they're thin, 
Or if they are wide
They have love for each other
Have joy through and through
Playing in the yard is
Just what they do
The horse and the bull, 
The calf and the dog
No doubt you could even 
Add a hog
Or a chicken or two 
It wouldnt matter
They'd still have a blast 
And play and chatter
Now take the advice 
Of the farm animals
Have joy in your home, 
No matter how small
Be yourself and you will 
Have fun with others
Enjoy lifes chase and 
Ruffle your feathers
Kari Shinal


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    • tvance profile image

      tvance 9 years ago from Chehalis, Washington

      I like your HUB

      I just say these words...

      Happy, Happy, Happy!

      It is all energy and flow of energy... Find out more about how to flow the energy of joy! Come visit here:

    • Tuatha profile image

      Kari Shinal 10 years ago from AZ

      Thank You Holly. I was on my way home and saw this sight and thought that it would make a great poem. Truthfully, I really got a kick out of it. It indeed was fun to see. I wished I had a camera.

    • hollyd profile image

      hollyd 10 years ago from Australia

      Wonderful hub Tuatha, just love animals, and what a great life would be to really live on a farm. Another of your brilliant poems. Congratulations.