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He Don't Know

Updated on March 14, 2011



He Don't Know


He wont know if I can't say

I don't like the games we play

He wont care if I can't share

He does not know

He is just never there

He is so kind

He don't have time

He will never know

He will not find

He wont say just what he feels

He does not want me to think its real

He wont do-

He is unsure

He does not believe

He is so insecure

He wont let me smile

He has not cared in a while

He wont complain

He feels the pain

He thinks it make him,less a man

He don't wanna know

how deep my feelings go

He can't let his feelings show

He wants to change

He can't rearrange

He needs someone to blame

He is afraid to hold on

He is living in the past

He is afraid to let go

He don't think it could last

He wont take a chance

He may end up thrilled

He was hurt in the past

He holds onto that still

He wont open up

He can't shut down

He is not so different

He has been around

He is aching

His heart is breaking

He is trying

He is lying

He is alone

He is dying

He does not know I love him

He does not know just how much

He does not know I need him

He does not know I want him

He does not know my heart beats and bleeds for him

He doesn't know I feel his pain

He doesn't know I've been there before

He doesn't know how many times I've cried

He doesn't know I'm hurting inside

He does not know

He has not tried

He is stuck in this moment

He is stuck with his pride

He wants to be alone

I want to be by his side.

VLH 01/13/11


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