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He Is My Treasure (draft)

Updated on February 25, 2012

How I love this feeling

I love how it washes over me

Locked in your gaze

Like crystal waters, I’m drowning

How I long to be near you

Just to stand beside you is heaven

How can I feel this way, heartless, broken I have been

I’m waking up; you’re waking me up again

Beautiful, your soul is so beautiful

How I ache when I hear you put yourself down

You’re so much more, so much more than you know

You are a treasure, my treasure

My heart is broken by the sadness I see

With every hurt my heart hears

Between every unspoken word

I cry out to my God, from the depths of my heart

Deep in the night, I carry your name to the thrown of the Almighty

Oh that you may dwell in His love

How I would that I could hold you always

That you would be mine

Selfishly I long to keep you, so great a treasure, from all the world

With such care God knit you together

How did I get to be so blessed to have you in my life?

Oh that this may never end

Every skipped beat

Every short breathe

Setting me free

Oh that I would never be far from you on life’s journey

That together we may run free

Oh my treasure, that you and I might forever be under His hand

My treasure, may we be forever unbroken


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