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Updated on January 24, 2010



the dog was dead
even a blind man would've
smelled the blood and entrails
splayed over the road
in multi-colored confetti
one blank eye staring
at a tree it loved to pee on
the spirit gone to that
great fire hydrant in the sky

the car sat about
twenty seven feet away
it's skid marks closely matching
the ones left in the drivers boxers
heart still hammering
over the soft sounds of sobbing
to the rear of his bumper
that lived up to it's name.

the toddler stood on stubby legs
shaken but very much alive
wrapped in the flesh
of her mom who bathed her
in comforting kisses

just five minutes ago
she had darted into the road
in front of the approaching car
and the dog without hesitation
dashed out and pushed her
hard with his nose to safety
as the auto in the very
next instant crushed him

the neighbors softly wept over
his He-Rover-ics until
the toddlers father
gently cradled the dogs remains
in the lap of a shovel
and buried him with grateful sighs
in the backyard rose garden.






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