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Shadows of Love

Updated on January 21, 2016

Your words enriched me like liquid gold

they warmed my frozen heart

I gave you every piece of me

to which you took control

You told me all about you

I thought I knew you well

but later found you lived a lie

and it was all a game to you.

You deserted me for pills

and slept our life away

The love you freely gave me

left my heart in chills

We were nothing but two shadows

wandering about our house

that once was filled with love

now replaced by doubts

You started looking to replace me

and finally found the one

then you tossed our love aside

and into the arms of a groupie

I see our shadows passing

in my nightly dreams

the passion that fueled our love

had lost all of its steam

I thought we had true love

but found you played a game

I may have lost my heart

but my spirit will rise above


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